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Spoiler warning!
Reading these summaries might ruin or otherwise spoil your viewing experience if this series ever gets translated into English.

Episode 1 - I am Masaru!
Episode 2 - Burn, Digisoul of Anger!
Episode 3 - The Genius Who Returned Home, Tohma!
Episode 4 - New Team, First Mission!
Episode 5 - Break into the Digital World!
Episode 6 - Masaru-Agumon Combination Destroyed?!
Episode 7 - Tohma’s Day Off!
Episode 8 - Yoshino Gets Her Cinderella Story!?
Episode 9 - Tohma’s Dishonorable Battle!

Episode 1 - "I am Masaru! Cockatrimon Attacks!"

Raptor-1, a Digimon, unknown things from the Digital World, escaped, and a member of DATS (Digital Accident Tactics Squad - an organization to handle Digimon crimes), Fujieda Yoshino, had to go retrieve him. She found a civilian named Daimon Masaru, an arrogant teenager who loves to fight, fighting with Raptor-1. After their fight, Masaru and the Digimon, Agumon, befriended each other; Agumon even called Masaru his “Aniki,” boss or older brother, and himself Masaru’s “kobun,” henchman or follower. Yoshino tried to capture Agumon but Masaru helped him escape. While they were hiding in Tokyo Tower, Agumon told Masaru that he does not know what he is or where he came from; he remembered always being in the institution. Agumon became uncontrollably hungry so Masaru went grocery shopping, where he met Yoshino. She told him Digimon can only eat specially made food only found at DATS. Masaru went to DATS HQ where he met Captain Satsuma and his partner, Kudamon (not a talking scarf, Masaru XD). DATS is currently in an unexpected situation: the wall between the human and Digital world is starting to collapse and Digimon are appearing more frequently in the human world. To maintain harmony between the two worlds, renegades, like Raptor-1, must be put under control. Masaru refused to hand Agumon over. Then, an unknown creature started to attack a hamburger shop. Yoshino assumed that it was Raptor-1. Masaru returned to Tokyo Tower, and unfortunately, he could not find Agumon. Masaru called out for Agumon in the fire but then, he saw Agumon walking down the street with a trashcan on his head (that’s what I call uncontrollable hunger). Because of Cockatrimon, an adult level Digimon that was responsible for the attacks, Agumon was falsely accused, ticking Masaru off. Masaru and Agumon attempted to fight Cockatrimon, but Cockatrimon unleashed its ultimate attack, neutralizing Agumon. Driven by his anger, Masaru punched Cockatrimon with all his might. A strange form of energy appeared around Masaru’s fist called the Digisoul. An old man gave Masaru a Digivice, an instrument that enabled Agumon to evolve into Geogreymon, defeating Cockatrimon, using Masaru’s Digisoul.

Episode 2 - "Burn, Digisoul of Anger! Flymon, Lurking in the Darkness!"

Yoshino dragged Masaru and Agumon to DATS HQ because Agumon is deemed as a criminal and Masaru as a witness: Digimon are not supposed to be in the human world. Masaru and Agumon watched as DATS workforce sent the Cockatrimon Digitama back into the Digital World. When Satsuma said that it was Raptor-1’s turn, Masaru kicked the teakettle that the turtle was holding, causing enough steam to he and Agumon could escape. Masaru “unsuspiciously” walked Agumon to his house (yes, a walking box with a tail is not suspicious, Masaru XD). Agumon stuffed himself with junk food, making Masaru ticked off at Yoshino for saying that Digimon can only eat specially made food. Masaru had a difficult and hectic time trying to hide Agumon from his mother, Sayuri, and sister, Chika, and the only thing his tactic accomplished was a sore back from falling off the second floor. When Masaru woke up, he found Agumon and Yoshino eating together with his family. Satsuma told Yoshino to keep Raptor-1 under surveillance. Meanwhile, at Chika’s elementary school, a portal opened, allowing Kunemon to enter the human world. The next morning, Masaru was getting ready to go to school, which he explained to Agumon as “a place where there are tons of people to fight against” (Masaru). Yoshino showed Masaru how to use the Digivice to change Digimon into data and store it into the Digivice. Masaru found out the rabbit and chicken cage at Chika’s school was broken into. Yoshino claimed it was the work of a Digimon because her Digivice detected one. That night, Masaru decided to lure the Digimon out by using Agumon as bait. They found out that a Kunemon possessed the boy who was supposed to take care of the animals, Takashi. Yoshino claimed that this is a job for DATS and released her Raramon. Raramon evolved into Sunflowmon but Kunemon evolved into Flymon and released a paralysis powder. Agumon wanted to evolve but Masaru was not getting “that hot, burning feeling” (Masaru). Masaru punched Flymon and got the DigiSoul so Agumon was able to evolve into GeoGreymon and defeated Flymon, who turned into a Digitama. The old man who gave Masaru the Digivice came up and told him that the Digital World has opponents to fight to his heart’s content. Masaru and Agumon joined DATS so Agumon would no longer be a criminal and they could fight all the Digimon they want.

Episode 3 - "The Genius Who Returned Home, Tohma! Crush Meramon!"

As Masaru was giving Agumon a
piggyback ride, since Agumon has to pretend to be a stuffed animal and he cannot fit the bicycle basket, a call from DATS came in, and the duo immediately went in search of the next Digimon, PetitMeramon. Agumon’s Baby Flame only made it stronger so Masaru tried to get his DigiSoul, but PetitMeramon is not solid and evaded Masaru’s punches easily. The PetitMeramon ran away, and Masaru and Agumon chased after it. Meanwhile, the bystanders who witnessed this interesting fight got their memories erased by none other than Tohma Norstein, the oh-so-popular-and-intelligent member of DATS. In the end, Masaru and Agumon were not able to get the PetitMeramon but Tohma brought in a PetitMeramon Digitama to DATS HQ with his Digimon, Gaomon, soon after. Tohma’s haughty attitude infuriated Masaru. Masaru challenged Tohma to a boxing match. Tohma dodged Masaru’s punches easily, punched Masaru hard in the stomach and face, and won the match, but Masaru refused to end the fight and punched Tohma back in the face. Their dispute ended in a draw. DATS detected a whole group of PetitMeramon, and Satsuma chose Tohma to “secure” them. Gaomon evolved into Gaogamon and with Tohma and Gaogamon’s “perfect teamwork” and “lightning-speed techniques,” they easily defeated all the PetitMeramon. Masaru was ashamed of his self-confidence. As he ran out of DATS HQ, he bumped into the old man again. The old man was cooking fish and told Masaru how to properly control fire, which gave Masaru an idea. DATS discovered there were three more PetitMeramon in another area so Masaru chose to take care of this assignment to redeem himself. When they found the PetitMeramon, Masaru ordered Agumon to use his Baby Burner on the PetitMeramon, which caused them to combine and evolve into Meramon. Masaru was capable of punching Meramon, enabling Agumon to evolve into Geogreymon. He was able to defeat Meramon by “over-heating” him. Masaru gloated, Tohma was a sore loser, and they obviously argued. Satsuma could not handle their arguing and yelled tremendously loud, surprising some and hurting the ears of others. Satsuma then declared that Masaru and Tohma were to be partners. Obviously, Masaru and Tohma did not fancy Satsuma’s decision very much.

Episode 4 - "New Team, First Mission! Chase Drimogemon!"

The Digidestined threesome’s next target was
Numemon. Tohma had a strategic plan but Masaru refused to cooperate. Agumon and Gaomon both tried to attack Numemon but Numemon dodged both of them. Numemon threw sludge at Masaru and Tohma, and Raramon attacked and defeated Numemon. The boys had an argument over how they ruined each other’s plans. Tohma drove Masaru home because of Satsuma’s order. Chika, Masaru’s sister, introduced herself to Tohma. Then Masaru’s mother thanked Tohma for driving Masaru home, and invited him for tea but Masaru was against it, and Tohma drove off. Tohma seemed timid around Masaru’s family… or maybe it was the concept of having a family. Meanwhile, a pair of robbers snuck into a bank. One robber bought a device that will open any lock but he tripped over a bag, dropping and breaking the device. The door to the safe closed and the door to the Digital World opened, letting Drimogemon enter. Using Drimogemon’s drill, the robbers were able to get away. The robbers decided to use Drimogemon more often. With Drimogemon’s appearance, the Digidestined got another assignment. Masaru came in late, and the boys argued over duties as a DATS member. Drimogemon drilled a hole into an ATM machine. When Tohma and Yoshino arrived, the robbers tried to escape but Agumon and Masaru immobilized the van. Suddenly, Drimogemon grew larger, crushing the van. Masaru and Agumon tried to fight but they ended up in the water. Since Drimogemon can escape by digging underground, Tohma had a plan of getting Drimogemon above water. Meanwhile, Raramon lulled the robbers to sleep so they could erase the robbers’ memories. As Gaomon was punching Drimogemon to the bridge, Agumon attacked. Drimogemon immediately dug a tunnel. After calculating where Drimogemon will be, Tohma evolved Gaomon into Gaogamon so they could catch it. When they reached their destination, Gaogamon attacked. Drimogemon retreated to the tunnel but Masaru was following it so he punched it out. Masaru got his Digisoul so Agumon evolved. Suddenly, a Digital Gate opened. Geogreymon and Gaogamon attacked Drimogemon to prevent its escape but Drimogemon was not hurt because the two Digimon’s attacks cancelled each other out. When Masaru and Tohma returned to DATS HQ, Tohma and Masaru asked Satsuma not to be partners but he refused. Yoshino reminded them of a more serious issue: Drimogemon returned to the Digital World and it might come back with reinforcements. Tohma asked to use the Digital Dive to go after it. Satsuma denied it, for they have never transported humans before. Late that night, Yoshino heard the door open and went to check it out but she got locked out. The convict was Tohma, who transported himself to the Digital World. When Yoshino unlocked the door by typing in the (LONG) code, she was too late.

Episode 5 - "Break into the Digital World! Drimogemon’s Trap!"

Shortly after Tohma left, Masaru
sneaked in, not realizing Yoshino was already present. She searched for Tohma’s Digivice signal but she lost it as fast as she found it. Masaru was determined to go too but Yoshino refused. Masaru and Agumon started banging and hitting the Digital Dive (that is the remedy for fixing, not starting, you guys!), forcing Yoshino to give in. Yoshino sent Masaru to where she last saw Tohma’s signal and told him to come back with Tohma. Masaru and Agumon went to the Digital World, where Masaru landed headfirst. Since Agumon lived at DATS all his life, this was his and Masaru’s first time exploring the Digital World, seeing digital water; different flying, bouncing, and walking Digimon; a crystallized coliseum, and digital plants. Drimogemon popped out of a mountain and dug into ground. Meanwhile in the human world, Satsuma came into the room, making Yoshino have a lot of explaining to do. Masaru and Agumon followed Drimogemon into its enormous tunnels. When they caught up, Drimogemon kept on popping in and out of the ground, making it collapse under Agumon's and Masaru's feet. They found Tohma and Gaomon, and Masaru and Agumon laughed at Tohma for falling for Drimogemon’s trick too, embarrassing him. Gaomon was finished removing rocks to make an opening. Tohma tried to walk but he had an injured leg. Masaru immediately helped Tohma, claiming that a man has more important things than stubbornness. Masaru started to get impatient, and Tohma told him that Drimogemon’s cave is a natural labyrinth. They could not evolve and dig themselves out because, as Gaomon demonstrated, just a punch could cause the caves to collapse. When they reached a fork in the road Tohma told Masaru to go the other direction because he dropped a coin earlier so they would not walk in circles. That direction led them to a cliff but Masaru saw Drimogemon. Tohma said they should leave it because it is at a greater advantage in caves. Masaru refused to run away or hide. When Drimogemon was beneath them, they all jumped and landed safely. When Drimogemon saw Masaru, he tried to shake him off but they all held on tight. Masaru controlled Drimogemon like a horse and made it tunnel back to the surface. Masaru maneuvered Drimogemon into the coliseum so Drimogemon would not be able to dig. Masaru punched Drimogemon for his Digisoul, and Gaomon evolved too. Drimogemon started to act strange. DATS finally found the foursome but the alarm went off; Drimogemon evolved into Digmon. Digmon hit Masaru, remained unharmed from Geogreymon’s Mega Flame, dodged Gaogamon’s Spiral Blow, and attacked Gaogamon with its drills. It dodged Geogreymon’s second blast and punched him hard. Masaru and Tohma hatched a plan to attack together. Tohma understood why Masaru takes risks, and Masaru understood why Tohma values timing. The duo commanded their partners to attack as soon as they saw their signal, a crystal breaking. Their attacks fused together, making a fire tornado and defeating Digmon. On their way back, Masaru and Tohma shook hands as a sign of friendship. They all got a scolding from Kudamon but Satsuma congratulated them on their safe return.

Episode 6 - "Masaru-Agumon Combination Destroyed?! Hurricane, Garurumon!"

The undefeatable Masaru-Agumon combi*
defeated Tortomon but got a scolding from Yoshino because of their recklessness and DATS has to pay for all the reconstruction. The next morning, the Daimon family plus Agumon were enjoying breakfast until there was only one egg left. Agumon won the battle, and Masaru and Agumon argued with each other. Agumon hurt Masaru by saying Masaru would never be able to beat a Digimon without him, and Masaru hurt Agumon’s pride by saying Agumon can never evolve without Masaru’s Digisoul. Agumon confined himself in the Digivice and refused to come out unless Masaru apologized. Masaru left for the batting cages to take out his anger. Gaogamon did not understand how a Digimon and its master could argue, but Raramon told him that she and Yoshino argue every day because Yoshino is lazy and does not do her duties. Yoshino squeezed and stretched Raramon for telling others about her private life. Meanwhile, Masaru bumped into Katsumata’s gang. Unlucky for them, Masaru was extremely ticked off and beat them all up. As Masaru walked away, he bumped into the old man dressed as a fortuneteller, who gave him some advice. Meanwhile, Elecmon came from the Digital World and messed with the traffic lights, causing many automobile crashes. As Masaru followed it, Elecmon’s mischief almost made a truck run over a girl but Masaru saved her in time. Yoshino and Touma caught up to Masaru and Elecmon at a powerplant. Elecmon fed on the electricity and evolved into Garurumon (Black). Masaru wanted to fight it alone and told Gaogamon and Sunflowmon not to interfere. Garurumon jumped over Masaru, knocked over Gaogamon, slashed Sunflowmon, and merely pushed Masaru with its tail. Masaru jumped onto Garurumon’s back, shocking Kudamon and Satsuma with his foolishness. The old man snuck into DATS HQ and took Agumon, who was extremely worried about his Aniki. Garurumon and Masaru fought at a train station. Masaru kicked and punched Garurumon, bringing the Digisoul but Masaru stood there, dumbfounded, not knowing what to do with it since Agumon wasn't there. Masaru was upset, realizing that only Digimon can fight Digimon and he needs Agumon. He called out for Agumon while Garurumon was about to squash him; a Baby Burner hit Garurumon and Agumon appeared. Agumon returned the Digivice to Masaru, acknowledging that he needs Masaru’s Digisoul. Geogreymon and Garurumon had a showdown and when their final attacks collided, Masaru told Geogreymon not to lose because his Digisoul is in him. After defeating Garurumon, Agumon and Masaru apologized to each other and made up. Now the only problem is being scolded for their recklessness and all the repairs DATS will have to pay for.
*In English, the shortened word for “combination” is “combo” but in Japanese, it is “combi” (seems more logical, right? Using the first 5 letters seems more logical than using the first 4 then add an “o”).

Episode 7 - "Tohma’s Day Off! Exploding BomberNanimon!"

Tohma walked into DATS HQ and finds Masaru acting
nice to him. Obviously, Masaru wanted a favor. Masaru had to take make-up tests the next day but that day is also Chika’s birthday so Masaru wanted Tohma to take care of her. Yoshino offered (Raramon said it’ll cost a lot) but Masaru wanted a father-figure. Chika was excited that she would get to spend her birthday with Tohma. Chika’s enthusiasm and Sayuri’s kind words encouraged Tohma to do his best. Chika was also elated to see Tohma’s Partner, Gaomon, the cute dog. During dinner, Gaomon and Tohma felt awkward eating in such a lively environment. Tohma noticed a family portrait of Masaru’s family long ago. That night, Tohma organized “The Magnificent Birthday Plan!” The next day, Tohma came nicely dressed and gave Chika and her mother each a bouquet of flowers. Masaru was dumbfounded by how seriously Tohma took it, and then left for school. Unfortunately for Tohma, Chika had plans of her own. Unfortunately for Masaru, he had no clue what to do on the test. Chika, Sayuri, and Tohma went to an arcade. Tohma was forced to cancel all his reservations. Chika had fun beating Tohma, the genius, at video games. Meanwhile, Masaru was wondering how Chika was doing, and the teacher threw chalk at his head. Chika loved eating monjayaki, a pancake batter fried with cabbage and other ingredients. Tohma really enjoyed eating it too. Sayuri ended up paying because Tohma could not use his credit card, and only cash is accepted. The last thing Chika wanted was to see fireworks in the night sky. Tohma brought them to an amusement park, which will have fireworks when it turns dark. During the daytime, the threesome had lots of fun. At nightfall, they rode the Ferris Wheel. Chika and Sayuri made Tohma remember his mother. BomberNanimon’s arrival interrupted Tohma’s daydreaming. He summoned Gaomon and contacted DATS to clear out the area. Satsuma told him to wait until the others arrive but Tohma claimed that this fight was personal and that he would protect Chika and Sayuri. Gaomon evolved into Gaogamon, easily dodged BomberNanimon’s bombs, and knocked him over. The BomberNanimon got back up and made more bombs. Tohma, afraid they would cause a fire, remembered Chika’s wish of seeing fireworks in the sky and told Gaogamon to throw BomberNanimon into the sky. Gaogamon did his Spiral Blow attack, making all the bombs explode and BomberNanimon turn into a Digi-tama. The bombs made beautiful fireworks. Fortunately for Masaru, he finally finished the tests. Chika thanked Tohma by giving him a kiss on the cheek. They went back home and everyone celebrated Chika’s birthday with cake and presents. Masaru apologized to Chika for not spending the day with her but Chika said she had lots of fun with Tohma. Meanwhile, Agumon ate all the eggs except one. Masaru fought Agumon over it but Tohma won that fight.

Episode 8 - "Yoshino Gets Her Cinderella Story!? Kurisarimon’s Shadow!"

Hanamura Neon, a popular singer, got a
girlfriend, and her identity was soon exposed as Yoshino. When she returned to DATS HQ, Miki and Megumi complained that DATS has been getting hate mail from Neon’s fans and continuous phone calls. Satsuma told them that Yoshino is going out with Neon to do undercover work in the RPG Building, Neon’s home, where they detected a Digimon, Keramon. Satsuma was dumbfounded when Miki and Megumi said that one of them could do it. Yoshino explained that Neon was her childhood friend but Yoshino did not recognize him when he debuted because he was completely different; he could not do anything by himself before. Yoshino had dinner over at Neon’s, and they discussed their childhood memories. After dinner, Neon went to his room to work. Meanwhile, Chika watched Neon on TV. Chika gave Masaru paper for Neon’s autograph. Masaru then glared at Agumon for telling Chika. Masaru told Chika that it is rude to pry on someone’s date. Chika ran off crying, and Masaru beat up Agumon. Neon’s “work” was making Keramon send Neon’s promotional video everywhere –into both public and private electronics. Masaru’s television turned on but it would not stay turned off. Neon’s video was even at DATS HQ. Right when Yoshino was going to sneak into Neon’s room, the doorbell rang. Yoshino heard Masaru when she reached the front door. The officer tried to take Masaru away but he quickly knocked him out. When Yoshino opened the door, Masaru grabbed Neon and demanded he hand Keramon over. Yoshino interrupted the fight by slapping Masaru and scolding him for forcing into his house. She apologized to Neon by giving him a kiss. A photographer that was stalking Yoshino took a picture of the kiss but it came out dark since he did not use flash. His boss told him to get better pictures. DATS started an operation to sneak into the RPG Building. Satsuma put Tohma in charge. Tohma did not want Yoshino to be involved because her personal feelings would interfere. Masaru and Agumon hid in the stairs, and Tohma and Gaomon were outside Neon’s window. Yoshino went to Neon’s place despite her orders. Tohma had set a hidden mike on her, knowing this would happen. When Yoshino got in, Neon was waiting for her. Yoshino told him that it is a crime to keep a Digimon; Neon told her not to boss him around. Keramon attacked Raramon and Yoshino. The boys immediately broke into the house; Agumon knocked down Neon’s door with his flame. Neon would not hand over Keramon, who sends his songs worldwide. Masaru punched Neon in the face and told him that it should be out of his own effort. They heard the “click” of a camera and saw the photographer. Neon hated the humiliation and his anger made Keramon evolve into Kurisarimon. Gaomon evolved into Gaogamon and chased it but Kurisarimon threw a water tank at him. Masaru punched one of Kurisarimon’s tentacles, letting Agumon evolve into Geogreymon. Kurisarimon shot a weakening gas at him. Geogreymon fired a Mega Burst and overpowered the gas, making a hole in Kurisarimon, who turned into a Digitama. Before the photographer sneaked out, Yoshino erased his memories. Neon was sad because knew he had to have his memories erased too, which included his time with Yoshino. Yoshino promised to remember for the both of them.

Episode 9 - "Tohma’s Dishonorable Battle! The Secretly Maneuvering Togemon!"

One month ago,
Hayase won the boxing championship. Masaru told Yoshino about Hayase’s sudden winning streak and suspected a Digimon was involved. Tohma absolutely disagreed and believed that Hayase would never commit an unrighteous act. Satsuma said he has been investigating Hayase, and he found a Digimon signal in a thorn from one of Hayase’s matches. Yoshino interviewed some of Hayase’s previous opponents. Tohma went to speak to Hayase himself. Tohma talked about the time he had a match against Urehara, who repeatedly made foul plays. Hayase refused to fight back dishonestly because he loved boxing, and he did not want to give it a bad name. As a result of the clean fight, Hayase’s right elbow was damaged. Tohma asked him if he thought there was anything strange in the comeback match and Hayase hesitantly replied, "no." Tohma was a fan of Hayase ever since he was young because of Hayase’s determination for honest boxing. Upon entering his gym, Hayase found a bunch of students unconscious. They were all taken out by no one other than Daimon Masaru. Hayase ignored Masaru’s challenge, and Masaru got a scolding from Hayase’s coach. Yoshino interviewed Hayase’s wife and she talked on how she was always worried about her husband and just wanted him safe. At DATS HQ, they discussed their data and Yoshino took Hayase’s gentle wife off the suspects list. Masaru thought the coach was weird, and Tohma did not share any information. Tohma observed Hayase a little longer and then decided to challenge him to a boxing match to find out one more thing to reach a conclusion. Masaru practiced at the gym so he could stay there to catch any suspicious acts. He caught the coach sneaking in at night but he was just trying to obtain a party beverage. Hayase came in too but his purpose was to practice for his match against Urehara, the guy who caused his elbow injury. Hayase got a call from his wife because of an emergency. At the same time, Masaru got a call from DATS because of a Digimon detection. Urehara was Togemon’s next target. Gaomon blocked Togemon’s attack. Tohma came out and said Hayase’s heart has not changed and the one behind the strange attacks on Hayase’s opponents is his daughter, Manami. She yelled that she hates anyone who hurts her father. Togemon and Manami escaped by a smokescreen. Yoshino and Masaru tried to block Togemon but Manami told Togemon to jump. They chased after Urehara, but it was actually Tohma wearing Urehara’s jacket. Togemon and Gaomon had a boxing match. With Tohma’s passion for boxing transferred to Gaomon, he knocked Togemon out the ring. Togemon grew larger but was turned into a Digi-tama by Gaogamon. Tohma explained to Hayase what Manami did. Tohma asked why Hayase was not going to forfeit the match even though he knows he will not win. Hayase replied that he wanted to show his daughter that he can box fairly, even though both of their memories would be erased. Tohma was saddened to see Hayase walk into his final match.



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