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Runaway Locomon

Runaway Locomon debuted in English as a special on network television on October 2nd, 2005. It is a 30 minute movie, but took up a 45 minute time slot on TV due to commercials. This movie was the sixth Digimon movie that came out in Japan, but was aired as the fifth movie in America. What we know as the fifth Japanese Digimon movie will be aired as America's sixth later this month on the October 16th. As with the fourth Digimon movie, "Diaboromon Strikes Back", the translators added Digimon Frontier's theme song to the movie. I guess they figure that most of their audience doesn't even remember the theme song from season three. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.


Screen Cap

Follow the action in this Japanese manga!
It's even better than regular screenshots ^_^


Download "Promise", the beautiful song that Rika sings in this movie.
( Once you enter the site, click "audio" in the navigation menu. It'll be the fourth clip down on that page. )
Please do not upload this song onto your own server and distribute it or hotlink it. This is for only. has exclusive permission.

Rika's friends want to throw her a surprise party, so they ask her mom to take her out of the house for a while. Her mom takes her by train to a museum. On the way home while sitting on a train station platform, a train that's really a digimon blows through the station at top speed. 
*cue  the out-of-place theme song from season four*
Takato and Guilmon hear about the weird train on the local news and run to the nearest train station in the direction that the newsperson said it was headed. Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon and tries to stop the train in its tracks "push-of-war" style, but fails. Takato uses his digivice to see that this train is actually an ultimate level digimon called Locomon. Takato then jumps onto the train and yells to Guilmon, who's not on the train, to tell Henry what's going on and to get the others. The train continues down the tracks. Henry spot a digital zone in the sky over downtown, and heads that way. He meets up with Kenta, Kazu, and Guilmon on his way. Henry suspects that Locomon is causing the digital zone by going around the downtown on train tracks at full speed, so all of them get into some kind of locomotive and try to catch up with Locomon. Yamaki from central goes to the railroad line's headquarters and helps them hatch a plan. Since power is out near the digital zone, they can't control the train track switches. They manually move the switches to reroute Locomon so that he'll go straight into the digital zone and back to the digital world. Rika and Renamon jump on board Locomon as it passes under a bridge and go to the engine room where they find Takato. None of them can find the brake, so they try to stop Locomon by shooting water into his stove, but that doesn't work, so they go back into one of the passenger cars. Rika decides she's going to break Locomon, and heads off to the engine room alone. She picks up a giant wrench and is about to strike at Locomon's controls when tentacles come shooting out of the stove. Rika comes back into the passenger car with a blank look on her face and still carrying the giant wrench. We then see inside Rika's mind, where she sings to her Father, who is dead:

Promise that we'll stay for the sunset
And when the moon shines through the darkness
We can find the path that leads us home
And on the way you'll, maybe, sing me a song
Promise that you always you will be there
Hold my hand if ever I'm real scared
Help me stand up tall if I fall down
Make me laugh away on my bluest days
Oh could you promise you always could be there?
Why'd you have to go away somewhere?
Every morning into every night
Do you watch over me, like the sun in the sky?
Am I all alone? I'm standing in your light
I wish that I could, maybe, sing you a song... tonight
You promised me we'd stay for the sunset

Download this song. ( Once you enter the site, click "audio" in the navigation menu. It'll be the fourth clip down on that page. ) Please do not upload this song onto your own server and distribute it or hotlink it. This is for only. has exclusive permission. While Rika is singing, her body is attacking Renamon and Takato in reality. Takato has to climb onto the roof of a passenger car to avoid being pummeled by Rika. Guilmon senses something and attacks it with Pyro-Sphere, which reveals the true enemy: A pair of Parisimon. One is controlling Locomon, and one is controlling Rika. Locomon digivolves to GrandLocomon. Guilmon uses his rock breaker attack to delete the Parasimon on Rika's back, but then the other Parasimon shoots tentacles towards her and drags her towards the engine room. Takato Biomerges with Guilmon and saves her by deleting the Parasimon. Just when the tamers think everything is safe, Hundreds of Parasimon begin to emerge from the digital zone. Henry and Rika Biomerge and start fighting off the Parasimon. There's no end to the Parasimon, and the tamers are starting to get overwhelmed. Ryo comes through the digital zone as Justimon to help. A Parasimon grabs Gallantmon from behind and Gallantmon can't shake him. Gallantmon digivolves into Gallantmon Crimson Mode and sends his attack, "Crimson Light" up into the digital zone, deleting the rest of the Parasimon and closing the digital zone. Locomon runs into the digital zone right as it's closing. The next scene is Rika's "surprise" birthday party. Rika is less than enthused and leaves to sit on the porch and watch the sunset. As the scene fades, we hear her sing in her mind, "You promised me you'd stay for the Sunset.



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