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Diaboromon Strikes Back

Diaboromon Strikes Back debuted in English as a special on network television on August 5th, 2005. It is a 30 minute movie, but took up a 45 minute time slot on TV due to commercials. It was generally well received, although some of us were a little bit bothered by some of the changes that were made in the dubbing process. For example, they superimposed the season four theme music at the beginning of the movie, and hired a new voice actor to play the part of Tai Kamiya. Oh, and ten points if you caught this... they announced Imperialdramon dragon mode as Imperialdramon fighter mode.

See the Screen Shots!

The movie opens with shots of the internet tunnels and the credits being shown as well as clips of random people. The first shows a picture of a boy at his computer. It beeps, getting his attention. A Kuramon craws along the screen, eating a line of text. Next, we see Yolei trying on the high school uniform (the one for the school that Tai and the others went to). She says something about not liking it. Next to her bag, her digivice beeps. Kuramon are then shown floating down the tunnels. Then, two kids on a laptop click an image of a Kuramon on the screen. A picture of a young Tai with three teeth holding a "Victory!" hand appears. More Kuramon are shown. Cody is shown practicing kendo. He and his sparring partner yell and attack. He takes off his helmet and thanks his partner. His digivice beeps, too. Three kids crowd around a monitor as a picture of Matt and Sora (current age, presumably on a date) is shown. A Kuramon appears and pops through the screen. The youngest says it's a Jellyfish. Davis stops at the screens (the ones Sora passed in the second movie) and five kids mutter something about the jellyfish on the screens. Davis says something and they all crowd around him. They seem annoyed, and Davis tries to run off, saying he'll be late for soccer. His digivice beeps. The scene goes back to the internet, where we see a large number of Kunamon and a very large digiegg. The camera zooms inside to show Diaboromon!

The logo shows.

Davis arrives at a apartment building, and he knocks on a door. Izzy says "Digi?" Davis anwsers "Mon, mon," seeming to be a password. Izzy turns around to show Cody, Yolei, Ken, Matt, TK, Kari and Tai there waiting, along with their partners. Davis apologies for being late. Izzy asks if that's everyone. Cody responds, saying Mimi, Joe and Sora aren't there. Mimi is shown asking a stewardess for chopsticks on a flight to America, Joe's taking a test, and Sora's at a tennis club trip. She is shown waiting at a train station looking worried.

Izzy shows them the pictures of Tai, Matt and Sora. Davis asks who the child is, and Tai answers. Davis responds nervously. Yolei asks who did this, and Izzy answers that Diaboromon is e-mailing them. Matt says that he was beaten but Tai says that he must of survived. Izzy says that he reproduced as Kuramon, and whenever you open the e-mails, they materialize in the real world. Izzy shows a file of a Kuramon and deletes it. Tai asks if Izzy can open a digital gate somewhere, and Davis states that he'll go too. Tai rejects the offer, saying he'll need to protect the real world in case the Kuramon digivolve. Izzy agrees, telling him to leave the fight to Omnimon. Kari looks worried. Gatomon tells her it will be fine.

The scene changes to a grocery store. A woman picks up a package that says "Matt Ishida - 980 Yen" She picks up another that reads "Tai Kamiya - 380 Yen."

Izzy narrates as the kids split up. Davis and Ken run across a street, Yolei and Kari are on a train, and Cody and TK are on a boat. He tells them to use their Digivices to capture the Kuramon, and that he'll transport them to his computer, making sure they don't digivolve.

Kari picks up one that is blowing bubbles. Izzy is back at his desk, as a Kuramon appears in a clear case on his computer's desktop. He drags it to a refrigerator icon on his desktop, as the number changes from 00000000 to 00000001.

Davis and Ken corner a little girl who is carring a Kuramon. Davis says that's dangerous, but she resists, saying that it's her's. Demiveemon and Wormmon appear behind the Digidestened's sholders, telling her she'd better do it. She say's that she'll tell her brother. Davis stutters as his cell phone rings. (It has a Matt chain on it because it's Jun's.) Izzy says that they better go to Shibuya as Ken collects the Kuramon.

Kids are shown playing soccer. A kid shoots as the golie blocks the shot. A Kuramon knocks down a water cooler and runs on the field, causing the players to scramble. It spins around in a pile of balls, kicking them everywhere. A PA system dings, saying "Please keep your pets on a leash." Cody catches one of the balls in the stands and throws it back. Patamon and Upamon agree that it's not a pet. TK and Cody stand up.

TK e-mails Izzy telling him he's going to transport a Kuramon. Izzy e-mails back saying the Kuramon are small enough to send but if it digivolves, they'll have problems. Tentomon appears on the screen, saying that Kuramon are appearing at an alarming rate. Izzy says that Tai and the others should be on the net by now. He questions the Kuramon's reason - if their target is Omnimon, why come here?

Davis and Ken are on a train. Several cell phones ring. Davis warns not to answer them, but it was too late, as several Kuramon pop out. He yells to turn them off.

Ken and Davis come out with armfuls of Kuramon. Davis yells at Veemon for digivolving. Izzy is on his cell phone with Davis. Davis says that he attacked a Kuramon, but it didn't evolve. Tentomon states that the Internet group has almost made contact.

Tai and Matt are floating down the Internet Tunnels along with Agumon and Gabumon. Kuramon are also in the tunnel. One smacks Agumon in the face. Gabumon tells him to be careful. Tai asks why they are ignoring them. Matt says to worry about the big one, to let the others worry about them. Agumon and Gabumon DNA Digivolve as they enter. The three (er... four) of them stare at the black orb digiegg, as Diaboromon stares back from the inside.

Davis spots a Kuramon on a statue and it runs away. Ken chases it as Veemon (in Davis' soccer bag) and Davis look at the screens showing the Internet Battle.

The Kuramon swarm around the Digidestened on the Net as Tai asks what's happening. Omnimon performs a Transcended Sword, but with no effect on the swarm. Matt spots Diaboromon as it hatches, and a Supreme / Garuru Cannon is unleashed.

Izzy knocks over his chair, seeing that the blast only deleted the Kuramon that protected Diaboromon. Tentomon appears, informing him that TK and Kari are going on the Internet too.

On the streets, Cody tells TK to be careful. In another shot, Kari tells Yolei that it's up to her. Kari and TK are in the tunnels, after a warning shout from Tentomon.

Davis and Ken are watching the battle, along with other people in a park. A boy and girl are shown at a monitor, saying they remember this. Then, the girl in the hospital and the kids in the classroom from the second movie are shown again, watching the fight. Davis' phone rings. Izzy says that TK and Kari are on the net, and that it's up to them now. He hangs up the phone, waits a second, and bursts in to a "Hikari-chan!" yell and attempts to run. Ken easily grabs his shirt and ho lds on, telling him to do what Izzy said. Davis yells at Ken for not trying to protect her, and then Veemon points to the screen, now with Angemon and Angewoman. (They are larger than in the series.) Kari yells to Tai and TK gives out an excited whoop. Tai and Matt yell over. Diaboromon attacks them with a Web Wrecker attack.

Back in the park, Davis asks a person with a laptop to let him borrow it. He agrees. Yolei is then seen on her cell phone with Davis. He asks her to open a gate for him. The scene switches back on the net. The Kuramon line up as thousands of gates open. Yolei is then heard (through a voice over) with a Perfecto! echoing. Yolei is shown celebrating, but then asks herself if she opened too many.

Angewoman and Angemon then double team Diaboromon and hold him while Omnimon attacks. It stabs the virus and it's head explodes. Kuramon then fly through all the gates Yolei opened and then close them. Angewoman promises Kari that she'll get them open.

Back in Shibuya, cell phones start ringing, sending thousands of Kuramon into the night air. As Ken and Davis are about to transport to the net, they see them and stop. Izzy realizes that it was a trap all along. Yolei is back on her phone, promising someone that she'll get in touch with Cody. She then prepares to do something.

Once again in Shibuya, the Kuramon all turn their bodies to Tokyo Harbour. Then they float towards it. Veemon and Wormmon are carried away by the swarm.

Back in Izzy's lab, Mimi comes in, startling Izzy. He turns around annoyed, telling her there's no time for games.

The Zero Two kids then proceed to the harbour. Cody's in a street, Yolei on a bridge, and Davis runs into a sign with Ken following. Izzy tells Mimi (with her face in his fan) that this was his plan all along - to have the Kuramon live on if he died, since Kuramon were easier to send to the real world. Sora is still at the train station. A blackout follows as people come out of their homes. Two kids run off to Rainbow Bridge (where Greymon and Parrotmon first fought. Also, if you look where the two kids are running, you can see a early version of Rika on her cell phone! She's wearing a jacket, and her broken heart shirt is black and red instead of white and blue, but no other difference!) She gets an e-mail telling her to go to Rainbow Bridge too. Many other kids also get it.

Davis and Ken are blocked by traffic. They call Yolei (now with Hawkmon and at Tokyo Harbour) asking her how things are at the harbour. Cody appears, and she tells them that they'll attack the Kuramon, but they'd better get there fast, as the harbour is filled with Kuramon. But then Hawkmon notices that they are digivolving. The Kuramon join to create a giant digiegg (like Parrotmon's). Izzy watches it through his computer while Mimi looks out the window.

Davis and Ken are running through the streets. Ken thinks that they are still in Shibuya. The digiegg then hatches, sending out a Armageddemon. A beam tries to hit it, but misses, showing Omnimon with his cape as Tai and Matt fall from the sky. Davis learns that Omnimon is there and tells Yolei that they'll be there soon.

Omnimon and Armageddemon trade blows as Veemon and Wormmon try to get better views. Davis is greeted by Joe on a bike (and Joe falls on his face after stopping suddenly). Joe tells them they can use his bike. A girl passes through, as Joe chases after (and scaring) her.

Omnimon dodges blows and finally stabs the giant and shoots it's cannon down Armageddon's throat. It fires back , KOing Omnimon. It stands back up, but it's arms fall off and it's eyes fade, TK and Kari watch worriedly from Izzy's apartment. Davis and Ken arrive at the harbour. They stare in disbelief as Wormmon and Veemon call. They run to them but get stuck in the crowds. Davis and Ken yell and people back off, telling them to go beat Armageddemon. Wormmon and Veemon then DNA digivolve into Imperialdramon (Target plays). Once again, the hospital and classroom scene.

Imperialdramon attacks as Sora arrives with Tai and Matt, telling them not to give up. Imperialdramon gets attacked only to reappear in it's Fighter Mode and attacks with a big explosion. Joe and the other girl arrive to see Arageddemon survive.

Omnimon then changes into a gigantic sword that Imperialdramon takes. Imperialdramon changes into Paladin mode. It stabs Armageddemon and Kuramon flow out. Cody then states that they can capture the Kuramon with cell phones. A clip of Tai with Kari's whistle and Matt with a harmonica play. (I'm not sure what this means, but since the Digidestined hear it, I think it's to bring them back together or something...)

Cell phones ring all around the harbour (one of the ringtones is Butterfly) and Cody instructs everyone to hold it up to Imperialdramon. They do, and a blue light appears on the tip of the Omnimon sword. Yolei e-mails Izzy telling him to do his thing with the Kuramon. Mimi asks how to make a fallen Hard Disk stand up.

The beam dissipates as Davis says that he's tired. Ken and Davis yawn. The end!

This summary was written by Jenrya.




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