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Frontier episode summaries

          Episode 1 "All aboard"
Episode 2 "Lobomon: Warrior of Light"
Episode 3  "Kumamon Baby, Light my Fire"
Episode 4 "Kazemon Kicks It"                 
Episode 5 "Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon"
Episode 6 "A Mole Hill Out of a Mountain"
Episode 7 "Island of Misfit Boys"
Episode 8 "The Odd One Out"
Episode 9 "Welcome To My Nightmare"
Episode 10 "Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down"
Episode 11 "A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon"
Episode 12 "Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles"
Episode 13 "Better an Egg Than an Eggshell          
Episode 15 "Beastie Girl"
Episode 16 "The Swiss Family Digimon"
Episode 17 "Bizarre Bazaar"
Episode 19 "You Want Fries With That?"
Episode 20 "From Dawn to Duskmon"
Episode 21 "Darkest Before Duskmon"
Episode 22 "Home Again, Takuya Returns"  
Episode 23 "Sock it Takyua"
Episode 24 "Alone, but Never Alone"
Episode 25 "The Dark Heart of Friendship"
Episode 26 "Zoe's unbelievable adventure"
Episode 27 "Stuck in Sakkakumon With You"
Episode 28 "Darkness Before Dawn"
Episode 29 "Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon"
Episode 30 "O Brother, Who Art Though?"
Episode 31 "Working on the Train Gang"
Episode 32 "My Brother in Spirit"
Episode 33 "Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet"
Episode 34 "Operation: Free Ophanimon"
Episode 35 "Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution"
Episode 36 "Ice, Ice, Baby"
Episode 38 "It can't be! Lucemon Reappears"
Episode 39 "The Man In the Moon is You"

          Episode 40 "The Bully Pulpit"




Episode 1 "All aboard"

The episode starts out with a young boy getting ready for his brother's birthday party. He’s very bored and about ready to do anything rather than sit there. We find out, that the boy's name is Takuya Kanbara. He enjoys soccer. He is alerted of a message on his cell phone, and follows the directions it gives. He ends up at the subway station. He gets in an elevator after seeing another boy, named Koji Minamoto. He tries talking to the boy. Takuya fails in getting an answer. He finds three other children on the train he chooses after almost speeding away with out him. Luckily he caught on to the back, and sees Kouji, on a train beside his. Koji rides away on his train. The three other kids he meets are J.P. Shibiyama, Zoe Orimoto, and Tommy Himi. J.P. and Zoe received a message on their cell phone, as Takuya did. But, Tommy was bullied by two boys on to the train. The 4 children begin to talk, but then, all of their cell phones then transform into strange hand-held devices; D-Tector Digivices. A bit later, they realize the train they are on is not just an ordinary train; it is a Digimon! They find themselves in the digital world, confused. The four children get off of the train, being rudely greeted by a herd of Pagumon. Trailmon tells the Digi-destineds they need to find a Spirit to get home. Tommy becomes scared and runs across a metallic bar that bridges a canyon, but he slips. He is grasping on for dear life. All of a sudden, 2 friendly Digimon, Bokomon and Neemon, come running from a greenish glow. Cerberumon appears using his Emerald Flame attack! The three-headed black canine then attacks the kids. Takuya, along with Bokomon and Neemon rescue Tommy with Cerberumon attempting to attack them. Amazingly, Takuya finds the human flame spirit, and Spirit evolves with his D-Tector to Agunimon. The battle rages on. Cerberumon uses his Portal of Darkness attack and traps Agunimon in an extremely dark dimension. Agunimon uses his Spiral Tornado attack to finish off Cerberumon. Takuya then dedigivolves back to his original state, and this leaves the children dazed and confused. The mission of the children is unknown, but, soon, it will be revealed


Episode 2 "Lobomon: Warrior of Light"

Takuya had saved the digimon village from Cerberumon. Everyone was amazed at the grand assault. The scene shifts to Koji, who was talking to his D-Tector about how to get home. His D-Tector replies saying he must find his Spirit. His D-Tector switches to searching mode. The 4 other children are shown, still in the digimon village, conversing with the village digimon. They find out that Cherubimon has empowered many digimon and plots to take over the digital world. The children leave the village, accompanied by Bokomon and Neemon. J.P. persuades Tommy to go with him to try and find the way back home. They give a Pagumon some chocolate. The rest of the Pagumon attack J.P. and Tommy for more chocolate! They run from them and end up falling into a hole. They try to find the way out. Zoe and Takuya talk a bit, until they fall upon the same hole! They are a bit dazed, and notice writing on the walls. They have not much time to observe, as a pack of Pagumon invade their visit. Then from no where, Koji jumps in to save J.P. and Tommy with a large metal bar. He fends off the Pagumon, until the Pagumon decide to overcome Koji by doing one thing; digivolving. The Pagumon digivolve together to become Raremon. The large pile of wrenching glob attacks the children. Takuya digivolves to Agunimon, but to no avail. He de-digivolves back to his human state. Then, Koji falls through a hole made by Raremon's slug; and discovers the human spirit of light. With an amazing evolution scene, Lobomon rises to conquer Raremon. Lobomon easily defeats Raermon. Koji then decides to leave the group again, leaving everyone else in utter bewilderness.


Episode 3 "Kumamon Baby, Light my Fire"

The four children, are all getting the same message from their D-Scanner, to go to the Forest Terminal. Trailmon, the transportation digimon the children have been using, gladly takes them there. They arrive at an empty digital bus station. They decide to follow the tracks in which the train uses. They seem to get lost, and find themselves in some sort of tavern/canyon. They find writings and pictures on the walls. Some are symbols which symbolize spirits, while the pictures tell a story of a digimon named Lucemon. Bokomon and Neemon explain that Lucemon once brought peace to the digital world, when the human and beast type digimon were feuding. But, the ten ancient warriors overpowered Lucemon, and the beast and human type digimon were at war once again. Then, they find a group of Candlemon whom are chanting to a large scroll with spirit symbols on it. The children then encounter Wizardmon. Takuya digivolves into Agunimon, with the aid of two Candlemon. Their attacks are useless, while many more Wizardmon come to aid the one. The children are in panic, just as Tommy discovers the Human Spirit of Ice. He digivolves into, Kumamon. Kumamon and Agunimon are the perfect duo to take on the Wizardmon. Once the Wizardmon are taken care of, the Candlemon praise the children. Then, a strange pathway appears and leads to the top of the canyon, giving the children their only way out.


Episode 4 "Kazemon Kicks It"

The episode begins, with Kouji on a Trailmon. We watch, as he toys with his D-Tector, and tries to figure it out... Meanwhile, the other four children are provided with a choice; left, or right? Takuya and Tommy take the left, while J.P. and Zoe take the right along with Bokomon and Neemon. J.P. and Zoe find themselves in a very large and strange barren tree. They find Koji, but he declines to go with them. They explore the tree. Zoe falls off of it, but a colony of Floramon catches her. They begin to associate with the Floramon of the village. Takuya and Tommy are walking along the tracks as the ground begins to rumble. It breaks apart. They are at the edge of a cliff, with absolutely no where to go. The others continue to converse with the Floramon and start helping them replant flowers until a trio of Mushroomon appear, to shatter the happy scene. Fortunately, Zoe finds the Human Spirit of Wind, and evolves to Kazemon! When the Mushroomon realize they cannot obtain victory, they digivolve together into none other than, Woodmon. Woodmon triumphs over Kazemon. J.P., grabs a shovel and thumps Woodmon in the back, but to no succession. Just as Koji comes into sight he and evolves to Lobomon. The Woodmon is then separated into it's three counterparts, after getting a blast from Lobomon. Koji lay on his knees, tired from the battle. Takuya and Tommy finally decided to go back and take the right path, to meet J.P. and Zoe, unbelieving she gained a Spirit. The group has been through yet another struggle, and stronger they grow.


Episode 5                                                                 "Ladies and Gentlemen : The Beetlemon"

A strong wind blows as a Trailmon rides by. The kids notice a wind factory with Kokuwamon working in it. They believe the factory might have some food in it, and try to enter. Minomon appear warning the kids they can't come in. Zoe tells them they're just here for a tour of the factory and the Minomon agree to let them in. They notice Goblimon controlling the Kokuwamon to work. They ask for food, and they get it; Batteries. Before leaving, the DigiDestineds notice a small broken down village. The Kokuwamons' home. They explain they used to live in peace and fun in the Forests, until one day the Goblimon came and captured them. They enslaved the Kokuwamon to work at the factory. If they don't work, the get hung upside-down or splashed with water. Takuya announces he will make a plan for them to free the Kokuwamon. Zoe and Tommy decide to help. J.P. doesn't want any part. A Goblimon over hears the conversation and runs off to tell Snimon, the boss of the factory. Zoe will distract the Goblimon while the others wait in the factory until the right time. J.P. strongly feels he doesn't want to go and the Kokuwamon say its ok, they don't like doing things they don't want to either. Takuya, Zoe, and Tommy evolve to Agunimon, Kazemon, and Kumamon. Kazemon begins to distract the Goblimon while Agunimon and Kumamon enter the factory. Snimon's there! Kazemon's beginning to weaken. Snimon is starting to beat Agunimon. J.P. enters the factory and sees Agunimon and Kumamon need help. He gets in a crane and hits Snimon. Snimon shoots his attack at the crane. It falls apart and reveals a Spirit. J.P. Spirit evolves to Beetlemon! Beetlemon does a little dance, happy to have evolved. Snimon hits Beetlemon, but his armor is so strong, it has no effect. Beetlemon uses Thunder Fist and takes Snimon's Fractal code. They exit the factory after it begins to collapse. Minomon tells a shadowy figure of another child getting their Spirit and gets mad.


Episode 6 "A Molehill Out Of A Mountain"

This episode begins with Koji scaling the cliff of a mountain. He hears screams and discovers some snail-like Digimon being caged up inside a cave in the mountain. He tried to break them free, but is thrown off the mountain by a shadowy figure! Meanwhile, the other Digidestineds are trying their luck in getting some food in a near by Digimon village. They have no money, so they can't get any food. J.P. discovers a sign saying, 'Heroes wanted, all your meals for free!' They see about the job. Hitching a ride on the back of a Trailmon, the KaratsukiNumemon explain Grumblemon wants their mountain's Fractal Code. Grumblemon took their women KaratsukiNumemon. On the train ride, they encounter some very roller coaster-like loops and hills. They crash and are hanging on a fence on the cliff of the mountain. They climb up to the KatatsukiNumemon's homes where they find Koji, who they have hired to help too. J.P. tells them not to worry, leave it to the Legendary Warriors and the KaratsukiNumemon get scared. The snail Digimon decide its best if the DigiDestineds do the rescuing in the morning, but while they're sleeping, the KaratsukiNumemon tie up the kids and hang them from the mountain, thinking they're Grumblemon's allies. Grumblemon appears looking for the Fractal Code. They realize they where wrong, as Grumblemon pulls out his hammer! Koji dodges the blow, and the KaratsukiNumemon drop their knives. The knife slices the rope when Koji jumps up trying to dodge the hammer. He begins to fall, Spirit Evolving into Lobomon. Lobomon kicks Grumblemon, and they begin to fight. Lobomon ends up hanging from one of the houses on the side of the mountain, about to fall! Grumblemon takes his time stomping on Lobomon's hands. The other 4 kids Spirit Evolve and help Lobomon. Kazemon and Kumamon save Lobomon as Beetlemon and Agunimon fight Grumblemon. Grublemon escapes as Lobomon tells Kazemon and Kumamon to save the lady KaratsukiNumemon. Grumblemon appears and attacks Beetlemon, Lobomon, and Agunimon! Agunimon rushes to attack him as Lobomon aims to fire his Howling Laser. Agunimon gets distracted by Lobomon aiming and Grumblemon takes advantage of it and strikes Agunimon. Agunimon falls but catches onto the latter. Grumblemon attacks Agunimon who's just hanging there. Lobomon can't get a good aim with Agunimon in the way. Agunimon gets away from Grumblemon, but then he escapes once again. Grumblemon then appears again, attacking Lobomon! Beetlemon saves Lobomon as Kazemon and Kumamon save the ladies. It begins to rain, and waves of water tumble down the side of the mountain. Beetlemon gets an idea. When Grumblemon appears, Beetlemon uses Thunder Fist on the side of the mountain. Grumblemon gets distracted at Beetlemon's lack of aim, but soon, an avalanche begins, knocking Grumblemon down the mountain. The mountains Fractal Code appears where the avalanche occurred. Grumblemon returns. He then Slide Evolves into his beast Spirit, Gigasmon, uses his Quagmire Twister attack, knocking the DigiDestineds around then returns to Grumblemon. Once again, toying with them, Grumblemon Slides back to Gigasmon, taking the mountain's Fractal Code. The mountain shakes, and the DigiDestineds fall into a dark whole! Gigasmon takes the whole mountain's Fractal Code.


Episode 7 "Island of Misfit Boys"

After falling through a large hole, Takuya, Tommy, and Koji land on a floating Island. Koji is acting very serious as Takuya is trying to watch out for Tommy. The three end up fighting and are then chased by a Monzaemon. The ShadowToyAgumon transform him into WaruMonzaemon and he uses heartbreak attack to make the kids cry. He then kidnaps Tommy. When the spell wears off they go after Tommy in a big castle, but end up falling in the water where Pandamon rescues them. He helps them out and when they are ready to storm the castle again, the ShadowToyAgumon attack. With a couple of Spirit Evolutions they take them down and capture their fractal codes. They then turn back in ToyAgumon and apologize. Takuya and Koji then discover Tommy and Monzaemon (transformed back by Tommy's friendship) playing videogames. The kids are then given an airplane by Pandamon and fly in search of their friends.


Episode 8 "The Odd One Out"

J.P., Zoe, Bokomon, and Neemon are walking through a hayfield, and J.P. is hungry and tired as usual. They come across a Tsunomon and then a Togemon who teaches a Digimon school. They come with them to the school, but Tsunomon is not well liked because when he Digivolved to Gabumon, everyone got scared of him. J.P. tried to cheer him up, but nothing was successful and he ran away. J.P. and Zoe chase after him and Zoe nearly drowns in a pond but is saved by Gabumon. A heavy flooding rain then begins and threatens to wash the school away. Beetlemon and Kazemon are able to protect the school, but Kabpurimon was getting washed away. Tsunomon digivolved to save him, and then became very popular because he was a hero. The students then build a boat to help the kids find the others and they end up finding each other.


Episode 9 "Welcome to my Nightmare"

The Episode begins with the Digidestined walking towards the Forest Terminal. They are tired and hungry, so they stop to rest and find meat apples. Meanwhile, an evil Tapermon is watching. The kids split up to find the apples and gather firewood. While roasting the apples, Takuya and Koji ponder about Grumblemon and ask Bokomon to investigate about Beast Spirits, and soon he finds it in his book, discovering two different spirits for each Ancient Digimon, and the kids only have half the spirits. The clouds then cover the moon and the trees turn into TVs of the Real World. When Tommy sees his mother he misses her. The clouds fade and the TVs disappear. Then Tapermon uses Nightmare Syndrome on Tommy. Then after having a nightmare he turns on his friends and Digivolves to Kumamon. The others run to defend themselves, but soon Tapermon is seen. Koji and Takuya Spirit Evolve and Takuya captures his fractal code. The spell over Tommy is Broken. Then later, while everyone sleeps. Koji receives a message from his Digivice about his Beast Spirit.


Episode 10 "Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down"

Koji goes off on his own to search for his B-Spirit, and Neemon and Bokomon come with him. He meets an eager Gotsumon and is attacked by Grumblemon/Gigasmon. Gotsumon admires Koji until he is defeated. They help out the injured Koji at the Gotsumon's lair, and the eager Gotsumon goes out on his own in search of a third ruby to release the Beast Spirit of Light. Gigasmon attacks the others again and the Gotsumon finds the Ruby. Koji rushes to help as Gotsumon takes the ruby and rushes to the three statues that hold the spirit. The Digidestined get beat up by Gigasmon and he steals Zoe's spirit. Between Gotsumon and Koji they relese the Beast Spirit of Light and Koji becomes KendoGarurumon. He cannot control the Spirit and when he crashes into Gigasmon, they both are sent flying off the cliff. Koji barely hangs on and is resuced by Gotsumon.


Episode 11 "A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon"

In the light of the three Digital World's moons, Grumblemon brings to life a Golemon. Meanwhile, Tommy remembers Zoe's sacrifice; saving him, in return getting her Spirit stolen. J.P. is bound and determined to get it back, but Koji says there's no way to defeat Grumblemon; they've already tried. Tommy and Takuya break up the fight as Bokomon decides it's time to lead the children to the-all knowing, fortune telling Sharmanmon. They pass a group of fortunetellers. J.P. gets caught up in a fortune told to him. Imagining him and Zoe getting married, he soon falls on his face. They soon follow their way to Sharmanmon's temple. He looks a lot like Goblimon, but he's a nice Digimon. He tells them they will battle a foe (Grumblemon) with a friend, (Golemon) but then one of THEIR friends (Takuya) will turn into a foe. (Out of control BurningGreymon) He tells them Takuya and Tommy will face the greatest test. Outside they hear an earthquake; Grumblemon and Golemon! Meanwhile inside the temple, a light engulfs Sharmanmon. Golemon shatters the ground around the DigiDestineds, giving Takuya, Tommy, and J.P. their que to Spirit Evolve. Koji begins to Evolve, but is soon stopped by one of Grumblemon's spells. Zoe, Bokomon, and Neemon helplessly watch. They attack Golemon one at a time, with no luck in even scratching the large pile of rocks. He attacks them. Agunimon gets a hit in, but is knocked away. Golemon cracks the earth once again. They decide to work together, and attack at fairly the same time. This works some what. Grumblemon Slide Evolves and helps Golemon. Kumamon's Fractal Code Ring appears, and Gigasmon takes his Spirit, leaving Tommy to come crashing down. BurningGreymon appears, knocking Gigasmon back a few yards. Gigasmon tunnels underground, grabbing a hold of BurningGreymon's legs, but BurningGreymon simply flies upward and uses his fire blasters to shoot him off. Gigasmon escapes, freeing Koji of the spell, but leaving BurningGreymon with the kids. They decide to retreat, but Agunimon hears BurningGreymon yelling. He is saying he needs help and he's possessed by the Beast Spirit. It's Sharmanmon! Agunimon tries to help, but BurningGreymon attacks! Agunimon is shot back, and stomped on. BurningGreymon hesitates, and Agunimon kicks in his knee. With a Pyro Tornado, Agunimon gains the Beast Spirit of Fire. He Slide Evolves, and is out of control! He attacks Beetlemon, so Koji Beast Spirit Evolves. This episode ends with KendoGarurumon and BurningGreymon staring each other down with a worried Bettlemon in the middle of the two.


Episode 12 "Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles"

The episode begins with Takuya, as BurningGreymon, on a rampage, attacking Beetlemon and KendoGarurumon. He is unable to control his Beast Spirit, just like Koji had a rough time controlling the Beast Spirit of Light. Beetlemon and KendoGarurumon try talking Takuya out of attacking them, but as Koji should know very well, it's not very useful. While Takuya fights to control his Beast Spirit, and as we see the Beast of Fire giving a loud yell, our other heroes ponder of a way to stop the rampaging Digimon. As a worried Zoe looks on from the sidelines, the fighting continues, with KendoGarurumon firing his "Lupine Laser" attack, which BurningGreymon dodges and counterattacks. KendoGarurumon is about to get it good when Beetlemon steps in, attacking the unsuspecting BurningGreymon, buying the two time to run. BurningGreymon then fires his "Pyro Barrage" attack, which knocks down a few trees, and sets the forest on fire. KendoGarumon comes up with a not-so-bright idea of chopping down the trees with his "Howling Star" attack. As Bokomon, Neemon, and Zoe run off to safety, away from the fire, Tommy visions himself Spirit Evolving to Kumamon, and using "Crystal Freeze" to kill the fire, and states. "If I could only Spirit Evolve to Kumamon...but I can't". Zoe wakes Tommy from his daydream, and drags him along. We now see BurningGreymon attack KendoGarurumon and Beetlemon, and for a moment, come to his senses, but only for a short time, before he lunges at his friends, then gives another loud cry. Zoe and Bokomon converse, and Bokomon tells Zoe that Takuya must learn to control the Beast Spirit on his on, and that sooner or later he will. Beetlemon finally gets a good hit on BurningGreymon, and it is then Tommy realizes that his friend needs him. He then reminises back to a time in the real world, when he spotted some bullies picking on a little kid, while he sat on the swing and watched, and did nothing, until the bullies grew tired of their victim and turned to Tommy, who ran. Tommy then awakes from his second daydream, to find Beetlemon beeing thrown to the ground by none other than the same boy who brought Tommy to his sences when a spell was cast on him to make him turn on his friends. That's when he takes a stand against BurningGreymon, giving a rather touching speach, which causes the Beast of Fire to release yet another loud roar. Beetlemon and KendoGarurumon step in to help bring Takuya to control his Beast Spirit. As the image of Tommy in Takuya's view is morphed into a quite ugly creature, BurningGreymon picks Tommy up with one hand, and then is reminded of their battle with the Evil Kumamon and that it was Agunimon, Takuya, himself, that helped Tommy gain control of himself. Tommy continues his speach, as he sheds a tear that falls intro the red eyes of BurningGreymon, bringing Takuya to control of his Beast Spirit. After realizing what he had done, BurningGreymon, now controlled by Takuya, bashes his head on a rock, then gives one last roar, before de-volving to a sobbing Takuya. He then thinks about what could have happened, had he not come to his sences when he did. Takuya thanks Tommy, and is reminded that he has 2 spirits to regain from Grumblemon. The gang desides just to continue on, and that they will eventually run into the evil Legendary Warrior of Earth, and have one more chance to get the Human Spirit of Ice, and Human Spirit of Wind, back from him. As they continue on, the gang runs into a tree with rather odd roots, forming the shape of a maze, in which they each attempt to walk the correct roots, and end up at the "O" at the end of the maze. Takuya and Tommy win, and the ground below the losers turn to what seems to be quicksand. With most of our heroes trapped in quicksand, Grumblemon appears, throws a few words, and notices that Takuya looks slightly nervous when mentioning having his Beast Spirit, which gives Grumblemon the idea that he can't control it. He then pulls out his weapon and gives one swing, which leads Takuya to helping Tommy up a tree, thinking it would be a safe place for him to stay while the two battled. Things took a turn for the worse when Grumblemon Slide Evolved to Gigasmon. Takuya then desides to Spirit Evolve, but not to his newly aquired Beast Spirit, for fear that he won't be able to control it, and history will repeat itself. So, he Spirit Evolves to Agunimon, and instead of using a fire attack, he uses physical attacks to ensure that that forest won't catch on fire again. He lunges his body at Gigasmon, but doesn't phase him. Gigasmon then uses "Quagmire Twister", knocking Agunimon high into the air, and of course, what goes up...must come down. Tommy is then apprehended by the evil Earth Warrior, and is pursued by Agunimon. Before Agunimon can attack, he is hit by Gigasmon, which caused him to fall out of the tree, which then caused him to de-volve. With a little encouragement from his friends, and Tommy's speach and courage in mind, he himself works up the courage to Spirit Evolve to the Beast Warrior of Fire, BurningGreymon. Then, he uses a an uprooted tree to free Tommy from Gigasmon's grasp, and then makes a diving catch to safe his friend from a painful landing. BurningGreymon and Gigasmon continue battling, as BurningGreymon is about to use a fire attack, he remembers not to set the forest on fire, and instead uses his large tail to knock Gigasmon back. He then Slide Evolves to Agunimon, leading Gigasmon out of the forest, where Gigasmon uses "Tectonic Slam", putting a large crater in the ground. It's then that Agunimon Slide Evolves back to BurningGreymon, uses "Pyro Barrage" to weaken Gigasmon, then "Wildfire Tsunami" to finish him off. He then gains control of the Beast Spirit of Earth, and regains the Human Spirit of Ice, and returns it to it's rightful owner, but is not in time to get back the Human Spirit of Wind, or the Human Spirit of Earth. Grumblemon then appears from the momentarely un-movable Gigasmon, and flees back to meat his other Evil co-workers, Ranamon, Mercurymon, Arbormon, and the anti-sociable Duskmon. Takuya then states abut the long road ahead, and the episode ends.


Episode 13 "Better an Egg Than an Eggshell"

The Kids finally arrive at the Forest Terminal and stop for food at Deramon's restaurant. The food is disgusting so they leave and follow a path, guided by their Digivices, but they don't know that Grumblemon, Mercuremon, Ranamon, and Arbormon are on their trail. The kids arrive at Seraphimon's castle where they are greeted by Sorcermon. He leads them to the sleeping Seraphimon, and using the light of their Digivices, they awaken him. He tells them the story of how the Digiworld came to be how it is now and tells them to seek out Ophanimon. The 4 evil warriors then burst in and the kids Spirit Evolve. Mercuremon has a powerful reflection attack and uses it to injure Sorcermon and steal Seraphimon's fractal code, turning him into a Digiegg. The kids flee with the Digiegg on a Trailmon and the evil warriors destroy Sorcermon.


Episode 14 "No Whamon"

As this episode begins, the Trailmon leads the kids down the long curves of the underwater tunnel. A fork in the tunnel leads them to the right. Bokomon grabs the DigiEgg from Zoe, deciding it's best for him to keep it. Bokomon stores it in his belt. The tunnel ends with a waterfall as a feeling of weightlessness falls over the children. The Trailmon jumps a large canyon where there's no track, but luckily lands safely on the other side. At the end of the track, Trailmon lets the kids off to walk the rest of the way. They begin to sprint when they notice a light ahead. Closer and closer they get, until they reach it! A DEAD-END! They enter a large underground cavern where they search around for an exit. J.P. tells Zoe he hopes Grumblemon finds them so they can finally beat him and get Zoe's Spirit back. Meanwhile, Grumblemon, accompanied by Arbormon, came to the fork in the tunnel. Arbormon chooses the right tunnel, and they head on. We discover they're being spied on by Ranamon and Mercuremon through his mirror. They discuss Mercuremon's plan for Seraphimon's data. Give it to Lord Cherubimon or keep it himself? Ranamon begins to talk about Grumblemon's weakness without his Beast Spirit, but Mercuremon points out Ranamon has yet to find her Beast Spirit. The kids, unable to find an exit, decide it's best to go back, when all of a sudden, a column of water shoots forth from a large pool in the middle of the cavern, hitting Tommy and J.P., hurting J.P. bad. After checking the two's status, they hear a large roar! It's Whamon; a large ocean Digimon! He's out of place in the small pool, Bokomon inclines. Whamon's out of control. He's thrashing all over the place. Spirit Evolution time! Meanwhile, Arbormon and Grumblemon know they're getting closer when they notice the Trailmon coming backwards back towards Seraphimon's palace. Agunimon and Lobomon calm the large whale. He tells them he wants to go back to the ocean. One day, he was minding his own business in the ocean, eating some sea weed and a shiny object Whamon didn't even bother to inspect, Grumblemon cuts a very large slab of rock from the ocean's shore, creating a title wave, and helplessly dragging Whamon to the cavern. The kids decide to work with Whamon to get out of the cavern, when, without warning, the water in Whamon's pool is drained, and Grumblemon appears! Taking out his small spell bottle, Grumblemon creates a few dozen Golemon! A larger then usual one is created for Grumblemon's defense. Agunimon and Lobomon take out a few Golemon with no problem. Arbormon grabs Agunimon and Lobomon's throats, stopping them from being able to help. Their Fractal Code rings appear. Some more Golemon gang up on J.P., Tommy, and Zoe. Zoe doesn't have her Spirit, and J.P. and Tommy are too badly hurt. This does not stop J.P.'s attitude as he takes a stand, soon followed by Tommy. They Spirit Evolve and take out some more Golemon. Beetlemon goes for Grumblemon, but is shot by his Golemon! He devolves, in sever pain. Arbormon Slide Evolves into Petaldramon. Grumblemon takes his hammer out, ready to obliterate J.P.! Whamon shoots a jet of water at Grumblemon, sending him flying against the stone wall. The Beast Spirit of Thunder appears! Whamon had eaten it with that sea weed he was talking about. Before Grumblemon snatches it, J.P. pulls out his D-Tector and it chooses him. J.P. evolves into MetalKabutarimon! With strong armor, unstoppable fire power, and a strong voice, MetalKabutarimon falls towards his Spirit Evolution Sequence base. But, wait? He's.. He's out of control! He begins shooting the cavern ceiling, making it collapse, and burying Petaldramon. Grumblemon tells him he's his friend, trying not to get hurt, but it back fires. MetalKabutarimon realizes who his friends are and gains control. With one blast from his powerful cannon, MetalKabutarimon kills Grumblemon, taking his Spirit, and getting Zoe's back. Zoe thanks him, but something’s still not right. The collapsing cavern! A wall of water comes crashing down. The kids wake up in Whamon's mouth. He had saved them.


Episode 15 "Beastie Girl"

New Digimon: Calmaramon Toucanmon

First Mercuremon the legendary warrior of steel has a conversation with Ranamon the legendary warrior of water about Grumblemon being such a loser. Then Mercuremon say that Ranamon doesn't have her beast spirit yet and she gets mad. Then she finds the spirit on here computer while swimming in her pool. Meanwhile... The Digi-destineds get off that long ride on Whamon, and go to the beach. Then they see a resturant called Toucan Paradise. The Toucanmon appears (They are the Digimon that have to find the beast spirit for Ranamon) and give free food to the kids. After the kids finished eating they got free beach gear. Later Zoe was picking out her clothes and she screamed cause she felt like she was being watched. Then the kids went back to the resturant and the boys' D-Tectors were missing (Zoe had her's with her while she was changing). After that, they went chasing after the Toucanmon and Ranamon Appears. Zoe spirit evovles and tries to take her out. When suddenly Ranamon felt her beast spirit calling to her and she spirit evoled to a hideous monster "Calmaramon". The Toucanmon were disgusted (They really liked Ranamon) and ran away. Then Calmaramon loses control of herself and spins away. 


Episode 16 "The Swiss Family Digimon"

New Digimon: Zephermon

Summary: The kids look for the Toucanmon to get J.P.'s, Takuya's, Tommy's and,  Kouji's D-Tectors back. Then they see the Toucanmon flying over the water to another island. Takuya and Zoe go swim after the Toucanmon. Then a  Gomamon that's with a bunch of others nearby grabs Takuya and says that is no use because when the get there, there will be whirlpools that will suck them in. So they build a boat and Ranamon appears. Zoe's spirit evolves and Ranamon throws her into the whirlpool. Zoe finds her beast spirit which is Zephermon and saves the day.

Episode 17 "Bizzare Bazaar"

The Chosen children slam their raft into an island which happens to contain areas which are frigid as well as balmy. Luckily the climate is beautiful at the marketplace where they are heading to track down the Toucanmon. The children separate in an effort to find the shifty birds. Each are having little luck.

Tommy wanders into a shop run by Datamon. The mechanical digimon is having difficulty playing a video game when Tommy volunteers to help. Of course, Tommy wins easily, and Datamon is grateful. When Datamon turns to return something to a safe, Tommy sees that he has all their D-tectors. Seems the Toucanmon traded them in for and old-style camera. Datamon proceeds to dissect one, which puts Tommy in tears for fear they will break. Tommy is told if he can bring something to trade within one hour, the detectors will be given to him. The boy sets out to find something, anything to trade.

Meanwhile, Arbormon has demolished the Toucanmon's beach shack and has found out where the D-tectors are. He informs Datamon, "He's on his Way."

Back at the Bazaar, Takuya and Koji are, of course, having no luck. They are shocked to find J.P. in an eating contest instead of searching. Anyone who can eat 30 bowls will win a good prize. Just then, Neemon approaches Takuya telling him he spotted Tommy running off.

In the frigid area of the Island, Tommy confronts the Toucanmon. He takes the camera in order to get the detectors back. Unfortunately, the ice breaks from under the Toucanmon, and they fall into the icy water unable to swim. Tommy argues with his feelings but eventually, out of the goodness of his heart, saves them. The ungrateful birds grab the camera again and take off. On his way back to the Bazaar, the dejected Tommy runs into Takuya and Koji. He tearfully tells them what happened.

Back at Datamon's shop Arbormon has arrived with the camera demanding the detectors, but Datamon sees an interesting event take place when he peers into the camera. The camera had been on and recorded Tommy's heroism assisting the Toucanmon. When Datamon refuses to hand over the detectors, Arbormon evolves to Petaldramon and destroys his shop. Tommy, Takuya, and Koji come running to help. Tommy admits he couldn't find anything, but Datamon hands over his detector for his honesty. Tommy's detector contained his beast spirit! Tommy evolved into Korikakkumon.

Korikakkumon is a little difficult to control at first. Datamon gives Takuya and Koji their detectors so they may help. Soon Petaldramon is sent flying with a "Avalanche Axes!" attack.

Once again all the children are reunited when Ophanimon informs them to head to Venus Rose. It's a good thing Zoe won the eating contest, for the prize was 4 train tickets. Off they go!



Episode 19 "You Want Fries With That?"

Petaldramon got hungry looking at the three moons so he attacks the Burgermon village. He kidnapps one of the burgermon the chosen children came along and offered to help the burgermon make a better burger so they could rescue the burgermon that was kidnapped. Takuya and Koji argued about who's burger was better. The Chamelemon kidnapped J.P., Zoe, and Tommy because they liked Tommy's burger. The baby Burgermon tried to help them but the Chamelemon captured them to. They made the kids and Burgermon make more burgers. The kids were almost done making the burgers when the Chamelemon returned. Zoe, Tommy, and J.P. spirit evolved and started to fight. The Burgermon told them when the Chamelemon appeared and disappeared and the kids defeated them. Kumamon scanned their fractal code and the de-digivolved to Armadillomon just before Petaldramon appeared. Kumamon and the others slide evolved to their beast forms and they attacked him. Burgermon finished the burgers and gave them to Petaldramon. Petaldramon ate them and fell asleep. Tommy, Zoe, J.P., and the Burgermon escaped and went back to the village.


Episode 20 "From Dawn to Duskmon"

The sun rises over the evil Hybrid's hide out, as Arbormon begins his work out, discussing allegiances with Mercuremon. Arbormon says Cherubimon wants him to battle, so he's preparing. Appearing on the outside of the hide out, Mercuremon gloats about his Fractal Code he stole from Seraphimon, and say's it's only a matter of time before the Digital World bows to him. Below, a silhouette of Duskmon is seen. Later on, the evil Hybrids go below their hide out to a temple, cave like area, where they await their Lord's arrival. Apon his arrival, Cherubimon inquires on the absences of Duskmon and Grumblemon. They give no excuse for Duskmon, and tell Cherubimon Grumblemon has fallen in battle. Cherubimon asks if it was by the kids, and Mercuremon figures out Cherubimon knows everything. They feed the collected Fractal Code to Cherubimon, but Mercuremon keeps Seraphimon's. Cherubimon smirks and gives a slight laugh that Mercuremon has chosen to keep the data, and says it's a gift from Cherubimon, but he can demand it back at anytime. Cherubimon seems very confident in himself, passing up a Lord Angel's Fractal Code. Cherubimon lets them know the children's strength is growing and with a, "Don't fail me," Cherubimon vanishes. Meanwhile, it's morning and the kids are enjoying their relaxing Trailmon ride looking on the Rose Morning Star. Up ahead is a landmass of darkness and the Trailmon refuses to go anywhere near it. He dumps the kids off near the Dark Gate. They must make a decision, go to the Continent of Darkness or not. Bokomon is afraid to death of that area as his book holds nothing but a black page about it. There is no information about it except many Digimon have ventured into the continent, and not returned. The kids believe no one can beat them especially if they work together, and head towards the Dark Gate. Neemon follows them, and shortly after, Bokomon decides to follow too. They begin their journey through an gloomy forest, unknowing of what'll happen next. A tree blows in the wind and freaks out Zoe, Tommy, and Bokomon. Tommy runs to Takuya for shelter. Zoe hugs a very embarrassed Koji, while Bokomon jumps on J.P.'s leg. Ahead, they see something glowing... Meanwhile, we see Mercuremon punching the wall of a cave, wondering how Cherubimon knew about the code. Duskmon appears in the shadows. Duskmon question's the three's loyalty, and Mercuremon counters with making fun of Duskmon never being on the battle field. Mercuremon thinks Duskmon is a weakling, but BOY IS HE WRONG. Duskmon walks away. He goes outside and decides it's time for him to take care of the kids. On closer inspection, the kids find out it's a type of Glowing Moss. They use it to light their way. They find a cave and decide to inspect it, but Bokomon freaks out once again. Shadows fly around the kids, mocking them! They decide to use tongue twisters to confuse them. The shadows repeat every word, not messing up once. Koji throws some of his moss at the shadows revealing their identity. Pipismon. They're good Digimon so they decide to leave them alone. Bokomon thinks it's interesting such gentle creatures can be found in such a scary place. The kids cheer Bokomon up even more by telling him he must be glad he came now, and since there's no info on the Dark Continent in his book, he should write it himself. With that, they decide to head off again, but trees in the forest begin falling. Arbormon. He uses Power Pummel to take the Pipismon's Fractal Code the Slide Evolves to Petaldramon and beings eating trees to make himself bigger. The kids Beast Spirit Evolve and begin to fight him, but he keeps healing from all the greenery he ate. Duskmon watches the battle from a near-by tree. With Thorn Jab, he captures all the Beasts except for BurningGreymon. Petaldramon uses Leaf Cyclone and BurningGreymon tries to counter it, but fails. They get blown away. Crashing to the ground, they vow to never give up. KendoGarurumon begins to attack first with Lupine Laser, soon followed by MetalKabutarimon's Electron Cannon. KoriKakumon lifts him off the ground to knock him over and Zephyrmon and BurningGreymon merge attacks to hit Petaldramon hard. Petaldramon becomes surrounded by a Fractal Code ring and KendoGarurumon Slide Evolves to Lobomon to take it. Arbormon lays there banged up pretty bad. Duskmon comes out of the shadows and Arbormon looks happy that his comrade has come to help him. Duskmon strikes Arbormon with his blade and takes his Fractal Code and Spirit. That's the end of Arbormon, but now will they have to battle Duskmon?!


Episode 21 "Darkest Before Duskmon"

Duskmon faces the DigiDestineds, all in Beast mode, wondering who this guy is. Duskmon reveals himself as the Legendary Warrior of Darkness. Duskmon raises his blade, signaling his attack. Duskmon sends a crescent of red energy towards them; they dodge the intense blow as it shatters the ground. Duskmon laughs as they become bewildered about Duskmon's mighty power. MetalKabutarimon uses Bolo Thunder, which creates a thick cloud of dust, and debris around Duskmon as BruningGreymon enters it. BurningGreymon tries to snatch Duskmon, but Duskmon disappears and reappears behind him, quickly tossing him over. Duskmon proclaims the group very weak and gives them the chance to surrender; obviously they decline. KendoGarurumon tells MetalKabutarimon and KoriKakumon to switch to their Human Spirits and they do so along with KendoGarurumon. They charge Duskmon, and Lobomon unleashes Lobo Kendo. He and Dukmon lock swords. The other Hybrids, minus Takuya comes in to attack, but their attacks just get Duskmon in the air and he unleashes Death Gaze, sending deadly beams of crimson red light for all the large eyeballs located on his body. The ground shatters, but they manage to dodge the attack. BurningGreymon struggles to get up, getting Duskmon's attention. He is able to get to his feet and he hit Duskmon with a pretty powerful Wildfire Tsunami. The tornado of fire engulfs Duskmon. Lobomon sprints up to BurningGreymon, telling him they must get far away from Duskmon. Against his will, BurningGreymon leaves with the rest. Once gone, Duskmon rips through the flames with his skull head. The kids venture down the trail, as Takuya speculates on whether he killed Duskmon or not. The group thinks he's still alive. Takuya blames Koji for running away and thinks it was a bad idea. Takuya, being full of himself, puts Koji down for being cautious. They decide to find a safe place to think up of a plan. Bokomon's hunger breaks up the heated dispute so they find some food and water and a place to keep safe. J.P. starts a fire and Zoe joins him. Zoe is worried about Koji and Takuya but J.P. explains to her that these disputes are bound to happen. If Takuya was less hot heated, and Koji did fewer calculations, there would be fewer disputes, but it would throw a lot of things off balance. It's a combination of everyone's differences that makes up the balance. Zoe imagines 2 Takuya's in the group. She becomes frightened at the idea and thanks J.P. for helping her realize that and complements him for being more then she thought. Everyone collects the food and water. Meanwhile, Duskmon searches for the kids with his wondering eyes. Takuya announces his big plan: attack all at once. Nice plan, seeing as they already tried it. But Tommy crafted some nicely made figures off all the Digimon out of leaves and twigs so they could visualize where they would be at what time. Agunimon was to hold Duskmon still while the B Spirit Digimon attacked. Koji interrupts, saying it wouldn't work. Koji thinks they should run away; Duskmon is WAY too strong. They decide to talk in private. They descend into a temple-like structure.


Koji: "Why do you think you're here Takuya? Answer me. I want to know why you're here."

Takuya: "Well, you know, we’re here to save the world."

Koji: "You say that like you don't know what it means. What's at stake. This isn't just some video game you can walk away from if things don't work out."

Takuya: "I'm not stupid you know. I know that."

Koji: "Sometimes I really don't think you do. There's no second chances for us, get it? If we mess up here, it's over."

Takuya: "Yeah.. I, I know."

Koji: "Then how can you stake our lives on some plan that you only assume is going to work. We don't know anything about this guy."

Takuya: "So, what? We'll all be safe if we run away?!"

Koji: "ARG! I didn't say that!"

Takuya: "Then what are you saying?!"

Koji: *Grabs Takuya by the collar* "Listen Takuya, you weren't there when I crossed swords with him, OK? I doubt that he was using even half his strength against me. That whole fight all he was doing was playing with us."

Takuya: "Yeah, OK, maybe, but we're the good-guys! There must be a way to win!"

Koji: "He's too strong!"

Takuya: "I know he's strong, but everytime we run into someone more powerful then us we work together and everything has turned out fine! I really believe that if we just attack as one, we can't loose!"

Koji: "UGH. Takuya open your eyes."

Takuya: "Open your own eyes. We're more powerful together then you think."

Koji: "You just don't get it do you? Tell me something, it's obvious you don't care about yourself, but can you promise me the others won't get hurt? Because if you can't, then you better just go home now, because I won't risk their lives."


They building begins to shake; DUSKMON. Zoe, Tommy, and J.P. Beast Spirit Evolve and await Koji and Takuya. Koji and Takuya come running down the path towards them, Spirit Evolving. They decide to stick to the plan since that's all they have. Agunimon leaps up and throws a few Pyro Tornadoes at Duskmon, kicking and punching him in the face. He is unharmed. Agunimon runs behind and restrains Duskmon. The rests prepare for their attack. When they all do attack, a rainbow colored cloud appears around Duskmon, but he just absorbs it, absorbing the attacks. Duskmon declares Agunimon to be the first to die. Duskmon raises his blade to strike Takuya! KOJI?! KendoGarurumon took the attack for Takuya, devolving him to Koji. Koji falls on the ground and Takuya picks him up and screams out his name. Duskmon steps back, hearing the name and a thick cloud of darkness for his body sweeps the land, engulfing everything. Takuya wakes up at the Dark Terminal where a dark Trailmon offers Takuya a ride home; he takes it.


Episode 22 "Home Again, Takuya Returns"

The Dark Trailmon travels into a portal that warps the air as it passes through. Takuya begins changing forms. He takes a lonely step off of the Dark Trailmon, realizing he's back in the real world. They had arrived at the same place Takuya and the others had gotten on Worm the Trailmon to enter the Digital World. Takuya was back.. But, he wasn't Takuya. He's FLAMON. The Dark Trailmon closes it doors and leaves, revealing Duskmon! Flamon runs to the elevator and gets in. When the doors open, humans are gawking at him, as Takuya notices he's not Takuya any longer. He hops onto a train and then into a tree. He makes his way to his house where he peeps into the window to see.. Takuya. It's the day he left. Flamon decides to try and stop himself from leaving to go to The Digital World. "Don't go!" Flamon screams. Takuya hears it and pauses, but continues on. Takuya retrieves a soccer ball, putting himself in the way to a truck. Flamon stands before Takuya. "Don't go," with that, Flamon knocks Takuya out of the way. Flamon begins to remember how he put his friends in danger, and Duskmon appears again. Once again, Flamon runs. Takuya catches the train, and Flamon tags behind. Takuya peeks in and sees Koji. But it isn't Koji. There's 2 Kojis?! Takuya makes it into the elevator with Koji. The other Koji misses it and runs down the stairs. Flamon pries open the doors of the evaluator and climbs down the ropes. Kouchi, the Koji look a like, trips in the steps and falls to the lower level. He mumbles, "Ko.. ji.." as a crowd forms around him. The elevator stops and they get off. Flamon enters the elevator and tries to stop Takuya but remembers what Koji was asking him before they battled Duskmon, about why he was brought to TDW. The train doors close and Takuya makes the train. It was his destiny. Duskmon appears a final time. This time Flamon has the courage to attack him, and so he does. It turns to a cloud and blows away with the punch. The Duskmon was a fake; a test. Dark Trailmon arrives and lets Flamon on. Flamon now knows he cannot change the past. They travel back to TDW. Flamon remembers his family, but then remembers his friends who need him. He now knows it's not a game. Flamon becomes Agunimon. He steps out of the Trailmon, now with a new sense of his being. He must now save his friends.


Episode 23 "Sock it Takuya"

Takuya arrives in the Digital World, but his friends are no where to be found. He now realizes his impulsive behavior is wrong. He sets out to find the others.

Meanwhile, Koji is staggering around the Digital World unable to understand why Duskmon hadn't finished him off. He comes to a clearing where he sees Zoe, J.P. and Tommy are held captive by Mercuremon and Ranamon. In another area, three Datamon are trying to pry open the children's digivices to get the spirits. Ranamon wants to try some torturous tactics to find the where-a-bouts of the other two children. She uses the tickle method and sends Zoe and Tommy into fits of laughter. When that doesn't work, she puts a dark cloud around J.P. Koji can't watch any longer, and he evolves to Lobomon to defend his friends.

Not too far away, Agunimon has saved Bokomon and Neemon from the circling boomerang of "Sepikmon". This digimon wants friends, but he has a funny way of showing it. When Agunimon tells him they'll be his friends, Sepikmon sends his boomerang to help locate the other children.

When Agunimon approaches the site where the others are held captive, he finds Lobomon is being pulverized. He knows that to jump in immediately without thinking could be fatal. Using his head and the forces of nature, Agunimon is ready to come to Koji's aid. He uses his "pyro" attacks while Lobomon frees the others and retrieves the digivices. Now all of the children can evolve.

It's good against evil. Ranamon, as Calamaramon, realizes that they have become stronger, and her and Mercuremon run away. In the aftermath, Takuya apologizes to the others for his past behavior and vows that he's changed for the better. Way to go....Takuya!


Episode 24 "Alone but Never Alone"

The episode begins with Ranamon and Mercuremon discussing their retreat, while in another area Duskmon tries to recall how he somehow knows Koji.

When we join the chosen children, J.P. has appointed himself the leader as they venture across the ledge of some mountains. All of a sudden, tornadic winds suck the children into cave-like surroundings, but there is no exit. A eerie looking hand pushes J.P. through an eye shaped entry port.

Once inside, J.P. finds he is all alone. The huge Digimon, Volcamon, appears and begins attacking. He plays on J.P.'s self-doubts by saying that no one would help him, and he has no friends. The chosen youth evolves to Beetlemon and eventually defeats Volcamon with his "Thunder attack,." but as he's absorbing the evil digimon's fractal code, he is told again that he has no friends. That triggers flashbacks of his experiences at school. How he tried to win friends with his magic and chocolate, but when he needed help in a rain storm, no one was there for him. J.P. yells he learned from the others that you cannot buy friendship.

Just then, J.P. comes face-to-face with a dark Beetlemon, a shadow of himself. The floor raises, and they face each other in a wrestling arena. Many duplicates of Takuya and the others appear jeering at the poor boy. A small doubt in himself was enough to allow shadow Beetlemon an attack that resulted in J.P.'s de-evolution. Thank goodness, he was able to pick himself up and gain enough confidence so he could beast spirit evolve to MetalKabuterimon.

Meanwhile Takuya is sensing that J.P. is in trouble. They are able to break through the entry port and witness J.P.'s fight. J.P. sees his friends and aims his cannon at his shadow self and fires. The others run to their fallen friend to see if he is alright. J.P. apologizes for doubting their friendship. The reunion is short-lived when the eerie arms appear again pushing each of them into different portals.


Episode 25 "The Dark Heart of Friendship"

The episode begins with a flashback to Tommy's home life. It reveals how the young boy was pampered and given everything he wanted, much to the frustration of his older brother. Tommy's brother feels his sibling is selfish, spoiled, and can't do anything on his own.

In the next scene, Tommy finds himself alone in a desolate, volcanic type area. Seems Takuya and the others have been scattered in all different areas. Each were in a different sphere of the legendary warrior, Sakkakumon. Suddenly, Tommy is attacked by a mysterious Digimon. After he escapes, the boy meets another hooded Digimon, Asuramon, who seems very friendly. They accompany each other to look for their friends.

In a different area of Sakkakumon, Koji evolves to Lobomon when he comes face-to-face with the Digimon Karatenmon. The Digimon wants Koji's spirit, and they begin to battle.

The scene switches to Tommy who has become tired and thirsty. Asuramon, declaring his friendship, volunteers to get him water. This triggered another flashback of a family outing where the boy has gotten his own way again angering his brother.

Meanwhile, Karatenmon is trying to belittle Koji by telling him he is afraid to have friends. The Digimon is able to mimic Lobomon's every move. Lobomon evolves to KendoGarurumon. With his incredible speed, Koji eventually defeats Karatenmon and purifies his fractal code. When Koji returns to himself, another eye portal appears, and he jumps through it.

Tommy and Asuramon are now climbing a mountain, and it is becoming increasingly hot. Tommy finally realizes that Asuramon is only being nice to him, because he wants something. When Asuramon removes his cloak, Tommy sees that this is the Digimon that was after his spirit before. The youngster evolves to Kumamon to defend his spirit. Asuramon's taunting about his lack of friends helps Tommy to understand what his brother was trying to tell him. Friendship should not be one sided. Kumamon beast spirit evolves to Korikakkumon, defeats Asuramon, and purifies his fractal code. And with that, Tommy is able to exit Sakkakumon's sphere and meet up with Bokomon and Neemon.

...But what about the others???


Episode 26 "Zoe's Unbelievable Adventure"

Zoe is in the Water Sphere with Ranamon. Ranamon feeds Zoe a poison apple that makes her lose her confidence. When she comes to her senses Calmaramon and Zephrymon fight, Calmaramon/Ranamon is destroyed. While this was going on Takuya defeated Parrotmon in the Ice Sphere and J.P. defeated Cherrymon in the Wood Sphere.


Episode 27 "Stuck in Sakkakumon with You"

Koji and Duskmon battle inside Sakkakumon. When it seems that all is lost, Seraphimon's Egg glows and gives Koji the power to double spirit evolve. He merges his spirits and becomes Beowolfmon. He also discovers a boy within Duskmon. Meanwhile, Takuya is in the ice sphere and battles IceLeomon.

Episode 28 "Darkness Before the Dawn"

Takuya must battle DarkSeraphimon, but when he's about to be defeated, Seraphimon's Digiegg gives him the power to double spirit evolve and he becomes Aldamon. Aldamon defeats him. He later gets the Human Spirit of Steel. A Patamon hatches from Seraphimon's egg.

Episode 29 "Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon"

Sakkakumon and the Digidestined battle, he is defeated. Beowolfmon searches for Duskmon, but loses him.

Episode 30 "O Brother, Who Art Thou?"

BeoWolfmon and Duskmon battle, but Cherubimon gives Duskmon the Beast Spirit of Darkness and Velgrmon is born. Koichi starts coming to his senses a bit after Ophanimon talks to him.

Episode 31 "Working on the Train Gang"

Everyone got back together, but Koji ran off to look for Velgemon and Takuya went after him. J.P., Zoe, and Tommy looked for information about the Rose-Morning Star, but all they found was a Trailmon Graveyard. An old Trailmon there said he knew about the Rose-Morning Star, but it seems he only said that to get a bath and some other favors. After that he turned into a young Trailmon. It turns out he did know something about the Rose-Morning Star- THAT’S WHERE OPHANIMON IS!

Episode 32 "My Brother in Spirit"

Koji thought about what happened with Duskmon. Takuya looked for Koji, Zoe and the other two boys looked for Bokomon and Neemon, and Bokomon and Neemon looked for Patamon. Zoe tried to talk to Takuya through her D-tector. Duskmon remembered his grandma telling him about Koji and told Cherubimon that he won’t fight Koji. Cherubimon tricked him into fighting Koji, so he evolved to Velgemon and attacked Koji. Bokomon and Neemon found Patamon and Takuya and Patamon leads them in the direction to where they can find Koji. Tommy and Zoe kept trying to talk to Takuya and Koji, but when it didn’t work they decided to go find Angler. Koji fusion evolved so he could try to talk to Velgemon, but Velgemon evolved to Duskmon and used Deadly Game. Koji de-evolved and Duskmon evolved to Velgemon again and used Dark Obliteration but Takuya and the digimon found them and Takuya pushed Koji out of the way. Patamon attacked Velgemon with Boom Bubbles until he ran out of power. Takuya and Koji argued about weather or not to fight Velgemon. “You’ll fight him and here’s why” Takuya said. “You’ll fight him because he’s you brother, and if his only brother won’t save him, who will?” Takuya fusion evolved to Aldamon and attacked. Velgemon picked him up and Koji finally decided to help and fusion evolved. Aldamon used Solar-Wind Destroyer and BeoWolfmon used Frozen Hunter. Velgemon’s Fractal Code ring appeared. BeoWolfmon scanned him, de-evolved and ran to find Koichi.

Episode 33 "Ne’er the Twins Shall Meet"

Takuya remembered Koichi as the boy he saw when he returned home in episode 22. Koji questioned Koichi about everything Duskmon told him and Koichi started to explain. Koichi then began to have flashbacks about what happened. He told Takuya and Koji about meeting Cherubimon. Then everyone got back together and headed toward the Rose-Morning-Star. Everyone wondered about how to help Koji and Koichi. Angler stopped to rest for a while. Koji asked Takuya what brothers do and Takuya and the others talked to him about it. “Why don’t they hate me?” Koichi asked himself. “I tried to kill them. I can’t even stand me right now.” he said. Patamon tried to comfort him. A fake Cherubimon attacked them. Zoe and Tommy beast spirit evolved, J.P. spirit evolved, and Takuya and Koji fusion evolved. Beetlemon and Korikakumon used a combo attack, Aldamon attacked, and BeoWolfmon used Frozen Hunter but nothing happened. Cherubimon used Storm of Judgement and everyone de-evolved. Koichi and Cherubimon began to argue. Koichi wondered about what to do. He chose to stay with the other kids and got a D-tector and the uncorrupted spirits of Darkness. He evolved into Lowemon and JagerLowemon and defeated the fake Cherubimon.

Episode 34 "Operation: Free Ophanimon"

The kids finally reach the rose-morning star and find out that Ophanimon's stuck in there, and Cherubimon is taking the digital world's data to make himself stronger! The kids had to fight 2 Phantomon to get in, when things were about to get ugly, Lowemon jumped in and saved the others, they went into the castle and found out it was filled with traps and turns. Orixmon appeared and offered to show them the way, the reach the top level and find ophanimon in the cage of light, Ophanimon tells the kids what had happened, just then Cherubimon comes and tell the kids, that after he gets the 10 spirits the digital world will be his!

Episode 35 "Takuya and Koji’s Evolution Revolution"

The battle with Cherubimon is on. Aldamon and BeoWolfmon take Cherubimon outside and start to fight him, while Beetlemon, Lowemon, Kumamon, and Kazemon try to free Ophanimon. Cherubimon takes everyone’s D-tectors except Zoe’s. When he tries to take Zoe’s sprits Ophanimon breaks out of her cage. She steals the D-tectors back and is then defeated. Before she changes into a digiegg she upgrades Takuya and Koji’s D-tectors, giving them the power to use a new kind of spirit evolution. Takuya uses the H & B spirits of Flame, Wind, Ice, Earth, and Wood to become EmperorGreymon, and Koji uses the H & B spirits of Light, Darkness, Thunder, Water, and Metal to become MagnaGarurumon.

Episode 36 "Ice, Ice, Baby"

EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon continue to fight Cherubimon. After a while Cherubimon disappears and IceDevimon appears. Takuya and Koji try to evolve to EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, but IceDevimon freezes their D-tectors. So, Tommy, Zoe, J.P., and Koichi evolve to their Human Hybrid forms and begin to fight. IceDevimon freezes Kazemon and Beetlemon’s legs. Kumamon and Lowemon slide evolve to their beast forms. JagerLowemon fights IceDevimon while Korikakumon frees the others. Beetlemon and Kazemon slide evolve and everyone attacks IceDevimon. They defeated IceDevimon and Lowemon scanned his Fractal Code. Takuya and Koji’s D-tectors become unfrozen as well as everything else.

Episode 38 "It can't be! Lucemon Reappears"

With Cherubimon defeated, the Digidestined kids are happier than ever. However, they soon become confused, as the Digital World has not been repaired, as it should have been. As they explore to sort things out, they arrive at a large tunnel entrance where they meet Boromon, a Digimon that calls upon spirits. The kids immediately spirit evolve to fight him, but as Boromon sees that they are legendary warriors, he wishes them no harm. Boromon leads the kids along with Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon into the Tunnel of Time, where the records of all of the Digital World's history are kept. Boromon tells them of Lucemon's treachery, and how he was sealed away into a realm of nothingness. Bitter, Lucemon wanted the Digital World destroyed, so he tainted Cherubimon to do the work for him. Following Lucemon's defeat, Cherubimon had been entrusted with five legendary spirits, Seraphimon with two, and Ophanimon with three. Boromon foresees that if this destruction is carried out, Lucemon will be revived, and it will mean the apocalypse. He says that the kids did a lot of work already, but they don't stand a chance and must go back to the real world before it is too late. The kids, of course, refuse, and want to defeat Lucemon, the true evil, once and for all. As they set back out with Boromon, they encounter two really powerful warriors, Crusadermon and Dynasmon. They are Royal Knights, who had originally been sent out to restore peace, but had fallen prey to Lucemon and now fought for Lucemon. As the Digidestined spirit evolve to fight the two Royal Knights, they are quickly overpowered, and Takuya and Koji resort to unified spirit evolution, becoming EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon once more. However, even they are no match for Crusadermon and Dynasmon, and as the two knights cast the final blow upon the kids, Boromon gives up his life to protect them. The Royal Knights attacked the kids and sent them flying to the moon!

Episode 39 "The Man In The Moon Is You"

After being blasted away by Dynasmon's attack, the kids awake to find themselves on the blue moon, one of the three moons above the Digital World. They hitch a ride with a Starmon to a space station where SuperStarmon leads the Starmon in a large operation. After learning much about this, the kids have several attempts of escaping from the moon, such as launching Agunimon from MetalKabuterimon's cannon, and so on. After KendoGarurumon launches off and can't escape, they learn there is a force field surrounding the moon, preventing their exit. However, when they come to a stand of Burgermon, they realize that the Burgermon they saw back on the Digital World must know these Burgermon. The Burgermon on the moon explain that all Burgermon were born on the moon, and that the Burgermon living on the Digital World moved there with a rocket. The kids, along with the help of SuperStarmon, the Burgermon, and the Meteormon, construct a rocket that is space-worthy. As they launch off, they can't quite escape so Takuya beast spirit evolves to BurningGreymon and gives them an extra boost to escape the force field. As they arrive back on the Digital World, they prepare to face the Royal Knights once more.

Episode 40 "The Bully Pulpit"

The Digidestined come to a village where they meet some other children, something they haven't seen in a long time. As they talk, Tommy is more shy than normal. This is because these are the same kids that bullied him at Shibuya. After a meeting the Digidestined learn that these kids are just goofing around and didn't go home yet. When a herd of Centarumon, led by Sagittarimon, almost stampede over one of them, Tommy saves him. The troublemakers then understand that they aren't the chosen, and the best thing to do is for them to go home.



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