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Takato Matsuki/Matsuda
Digimon -Guilmon, Growlmon, WarGrowlmon, Gallantmon, Gallantmon[Crimson Mode]
Age -10

Takato is unlike previous goggle heads. He's not hyper, bossy, or somewhat insane. In fact he's quite the opposite. Takato is just a boy who enjoys digimon in all forms. When we first meet him Takato is quiet and shy as the series progresses he becomes a much stronger person but still has doubts about his abilities to be a tamer. Takato created his partner Guilmon from drawings this leads into trouble later on as he gets a might excited about creating Guilmon's evolutions and ends up terrified of them. Takato comes to terms with this when he almost loses Guilmon (then digivolved into the horrific Megadramon) in battle against Beelzemon . After searching his soul he realizes Guilmon is still part of him not matter what he looks like this allows him to biomerge with Guilmon into Gallantmon.

Henry Wong / Jenrya Lee
Digimon -Terriermon, Gargomon, Rapidmon, MegaGargomon
Age -10

Henry and Terriermon.jpg (13597 bytes)
Henry is a pacifist, this puts him at odds with Rika when they first meet, and his partner Terriermon who as a digimon feels the need to fight . Despite this Henry is the defacto leader of the group and takes charge when he needs to . Henry met terriermon when he received a digimon game as a present he felt that the digimon were getting hurt fighting all the time and did not enjoy this. When he found a blue card and swiped it through his card scanner. (then connected to his computer) Terriermon popped out and Henry became a tamer. Henry is very protective and sometimes this causes him to lose his temper towards the people he is trying to protect (his sister Suzie for example). Henry Biomerged with Terriermon to become MegaGargomon. when he needed to protect his friends from the digimon sovereign Zhuqaimon.

Rika Nonaka / Ruki Makino
Digimon -Renamon, Kyubimon, Taomon, Sakuyamon
Age -10

Rika is at first stand-offish and a bit of a loner. As time goes by she becomes nicer to her friends and to her digimon Renamon. Rika acts the way she does because of her mother who constantly tries to change her, this is also why Rika wears a shirt with a broken heart on it . Rika met Renamon when she had come home from a card tournament, and she was accosted by large groups of digimon. She chose Renamon because she looked the strongest. Rika has one foil, Ryo Akiyama the digimon king to her digimon queen. Ryo at first annoys Rika because he had beaten her in a tournament and didn't remember her when they met again in the digital world. Ryo did remember her but was embarrassed to admit because he secretly liked Rika (not that Rika would admit it but she feels the same way).
Rika biomerged with Renamon to become Sakuyamon when neither of the two would let the other fight alone against the D-reaper.


Ryo Akiyama

Digimon - Monodramon, Cyberdramon, Justimon

Ryo, a true mystery to us all. He's very friendly and always watches out for people in need. He has trouble controling Cyberdramon. He appears in season 2 in Japan, but only appears in season 3 for all of us in America. His digimon partner is Cyberdramon, and when the time comes they bio-merge into Justimon, a mega level digimon who is one of the most powerful digimon in Digimon season 3. He helps the Tamers a lot even though he only appears in a few episodes.


Juri/Jeri Kauto


Digimon - Leomon

Jeri is at first just a girl Takato secretly likes ,and who has a seriously creepy sock puppet. Later Jeri ditches the puppet and joins the tamers after finding out that digimon are real. Jeri gains Leomon as a partner shortly after the tamers beat the deva Vikaralamon . Leomon tries to stop Calumon from being taken to the digital world by Makuramon. Leomon is stopped by ( I believe) Zhuqaimon the digimon sovereign who attacks with a spray of needles . Jeri shows concern for Leomon and becomes his tamer . While in the digital world Leomon dies fighting Beelzemon. Jeri can't take this and is near catatonic for the remainder of the tamers fight against Zhuqaimon. This allows the D-reaper a unique opportunity possessing her puppet (told you it was creepy) it lures Jeri into it's clutches and makes a double of her (known as ADR-01- Jeri type) . This double gains information on the real world when the tamers return home when it had completed the scan the D-reaper emerged into the real world Jeri included .During her captivity inside the D-reaper we learn that when she was young Jeri lost her mother and when her father remarried she was rude and mean to her stepmother . On top of all this Jeri blames herself for the deaths of anyone she loves the D-reaper feeds off this reasoning if all humans are this irrelevant they must all be deleted. Jeri is saved by Takato while he is in Gallantmon form .




Kazu is the #1 player of the digimon card the local store, that is. He always enjoys beating Takato, and only once has Takato beaten Kazu at digimon. Kazu is at first reluctant to believe Takato had a digimon, but then a while after Jeri found out, the whole class did, and would always play with Guilmon, Kenta and Kazu having the most fun of all (besides Jeri, that is)



Kenta is in a way a tag along with Kazu. He may seem brainy, but he isn't. He is an okay card card player, but we never really see him play the game. Kenta also didn't believe that Takato had  Guilmon, but was later proven wrong. Kenta was the second to the last person to receive his digimon, and couldn't believe his digimon was a pink thing, or that it was mega level!




Suzie is the typical 6 year old girl who LOVES playing dress up with none other than-you've guessed it-Terriermon! This was before she knew for certain he was real, but like she said- she just new princess pretty pants/Terriermon was real. In fact, in Japan, they made a song with Suzie and Terriermon, one of the parts, Terriermon says "Oh no, not again!" when Suzie wants to play dress up. Suzie stopped dressing him up, and she wouldn't even dress Lopmon up. I'm guessing she either had respect for Lopmon, knew that it wasn't the time to play with the d-reaper around, or Lopmon just wouldn't let her-who knows?

-Character bios written by staffers: Musouka, Riptor & Pakari Kaku



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