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Season 3 Episode Summaries

           Episode 1 "Guilmon Comes Alive"
Episode 2 "Digimon, Digimon Everywhere"
Episode 3  "To Fight or not to Fight"
Episode 4 "It Came from the Other Side"                 
Episode 5 "Dream a Little Dream"
Episode 6 "Oh Partner, Where Art Thou?"
Episode 7 "Now You See It, Now You Don't"
Episode 8 "A Question of Trust"
Episode 9 "Not As Seen On TV"
Episode 10 "The Icemon Cometh"
Episode 11 "Much Ado About Musyamon"
Episode 12 "Divided They Stand"
Episode 13 "Juggernaut"    
Episode 14 "Grow Mon, Grow"
Episode 15 "Snakes, Trains, and Digimon"
Episode 16 "Back to Nature, Back to Battle"
Episode 17 "Duel With the Deva"
Episode 18 "Digital Beauty"
Episode 19 "Impmon's Last Stand"
Episode 20 "Out of the Blue"
Episode 21 "Jeri's Quest"
Episode 22 "The Boar Wars"
Episode 23  "A World Apart"
Episode 24 "The Journey Begins"                 
Episode 25 "Brave New Digital World"
Episode 26 "Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure"
Episode 27 "Motorcycle Madness"
Episode 28 "Blame It on Ryo"
Episode 29 "Goliath"
Episode 30 "The Imperfect Storm"
Episode 31 "Kazu's Upgrade"
Episode 32 "Shibumi Speaks"
Episode 33 "Rabbit Transit"    
Episode 34 "Lionheart"
Episode 35 "Give a Little Bit"
Episode 36 "The Battle Within"
Episode 37 "No Mon is an Island"
Episode 38 "Azulongmon Explains it All"
Episode 39 "Song of Sakuyamon"
Episode 40 "Janyu's Ark"
Episode 41 "Homeward Bound"
Episode 42 "Reunion"
Episode 43  "Beelzemon's Big Day"
Episode 44 "The Messenger"                 
Episode 45 "The D-Reaper's Disguise"
Episode 46 "When a Mon is Justimon"
Episode 47 "His Kingdom for a Horse"
Episode 48 "Shadow of the Beast King"
Episode 49 "The D-Reaper's Feast"
Episode 50 "Jeri Fights Back"
Episode 51 "Such Sweet Sorrow"

"Guilmon Comes Alive"

First Aired on 9.1.01

A strange little Digimon named Calumon is being chased by another Digimon. Calumon gets spit right into the Real World. Meanwhile, Takato and his friends are playing Digimon Battle Card Game. They have to go to school, and Takato rushes to put away his cards when he finds a Blue Card. He card slashes it in his Card Reader. Takato gets in trouble with his teacher for being late and has to stay after school. He spends this time designing a new Digimon called Guilmon. When he gets back to his cards he finds a D-Power Digivice in the box. The Blue Card is not there anymore. Takato goes home and tries to Card Slash his doodle of Guilmon. The pages get stuck in the D-Power and he has to go eat dinner. The Digivice catches his eye and it's card slashing every page of the note book that has the info about Guilmon on it by itself! Takato comes back to find out that there's a pulsing DigiEgg on the screen. The egg hatches and Takato misses it. But where's his Digimon?! Takato uses the compas on the Digivice screen to find his new Digimon, Guilmon!



2. "Digimon, Digimon Everywhere"

First Aired on 9.1.01

Takato tries to sneak Guilmon in his house by hiding him under a card-board box. His parents think he's trying to bring in a pet. Takato has a dream about a girl (Rika) and her Digimon (Renamon) battling. Takato tries to hide Guilmon in a allie behind some boxes while he's at school- but of course Guilmon wants to play! Guilmon satys under a card-board box and enters Takato's school, scarring everyone! Takato finds out about this and meets Henry and Terriermon. Terriermon says Takato is not a good Tamer because he lost Guilmon. Takato is sorta jelouse of Henry's and Terriermon's freindship for each other. Takato looks everywhere for Guilmon. Finally he looks on that tall building that the Hypnos gang is in and finds him.



3. "To Fight or Not to Fight"

First Aired on 9.8.01

Rika wants to fight-- Takto doesn't really want to fight though. Luckley when Rika made Renamon attack, Henry broke it up. Tkakto looks for a better hidding place for Guilmon. He finds this room in the park with metal bars and gates around it to keep Guilmon in. Meanwhile, Rika is out walking around the city- thinking about what Digimon are really for. To her there ment to fight! Renamon on the other hand wants to listen to Rika, but doesn't want to fight. The leader of Hypnos finds the card the had been Card Slashed throught the D-Power. Takato can't seen to find Guilmon and thinks Hypnos took him. It turns out- Guilmon was playing hide and go seek. Rika confronts Takato in a parking garadge to fight. Guilmon and Renamon start fighting. Henry find them and Terriermon almost gets hit by Renamon's attack. Terriemon, againts Henry's wishes, Digivolves to Gargomon and is out of control. He's shooting his Gargo-Laser everywhere. Guilmon stops him before he hurt Rika.



4. "It Came from the Other Side"

First Aired on 9.8.01

Henry makes Gargomon stand on his head in order to hopefully end the Digivolution. Takato's friend gives him a weak card he doesn't want. Henry and Takto are being chased by a fog that catches Henry. Takato goes to get Guilmon. Inside the fog is Gorrilamon, ready to fight! Guilmon tries to fight but can't beat him. Henry remembers the time when his dad buys him a new Digimon game and he battles other Digimon. Terriemon Digivolved, and was out of control! Terriemon is hurt bad and he finds a Blue Card. Card Slashing it in the game made Terriemon real. Henry DigiModifies one of Takato's cards. Terriemon defeats Gorrilamon, but Henry doesn't let him absorbe his data.



5. "Dream A Little Dream"

First Aired on 9.15.01

Someone has vandalized the school's soccer field! Calumon sits in a tree nearby watching a soccer game being played, thinking about playing himself. Takato and Guilmon discover Calumon. Takato and Henry think about someone that would make make a good Tamer for Calumon. There search was uncessful. They bring back food to the shelter that Guolmon stays in to find Calumon has persuaded Guilmon to get out and play. Henry and Takato spot another Digital Field, and enter it. Vilemon attacks! Renamon and Rika appears, defeat Vilemon, and collect it's data.



6. "O Partner, Where Art Thou?"

First Aired on 9.15.01

Rika doesn't have a very good relationship with her mother. Her mother's always working or is busy. Rika and Renamon find Allomon. They almost get beaten untill Guilmon and Terriemon come to their rescue. We find out Rika wins a Digimon Battle Card Game Match. Many Digimon and a Blue Card shows up-- all the Digimon wants Rika to Tame them, but she wanted the "strongest," she got Renamon. Impmon confronts Renamon. Impmon thinks Renamon shouldn't get bullied around by Rika. Renamon and Rika find thereselves in a fight with Dokukumon, and Renamon is losing. Rika starts to care for Renamon, and doesn't want her to leave. Calumon's red triangle starts to glow. Renamon Digivolves to Cyubimon and defeats Dokukumon.



7. "Now You See It, Now You Don't"

First Aired on 9.22.01

Hypnos predicts a lot of Bio Emergence Rika wonders why Cyubimon saved her. Guilmon starts to disapear. Takato tells Henry, which thinks Guilmon will go back to the "other side." Takato wants Guilmon to stay, and thinks if Guilmon Digivolves, he'll be strong enough to fight it. Guilmon dissapears again. Rika, Henry, and Takato look for Guilmon in the underground tunnel. They find a whitle cloud and save Guilmon from being deleted.



8. "A Question of Trust"

First Aired on 9.29.01

Takato's teacher tells the class about a mysterious kid scaring teens in th park. Adults think it's little kids, but it's really Impmon! Not wanting to, the teachers patrol the park looking for the kid. Takato got mad and yelled at Guilmon. After thinking for awhile, Takato's afraid of Guilmon being discovered. Takato heads back to the shelter. He runs into a police officer. Ms. Isaji makes up an excuse for Takato and leads him home. Meanwhile, Impmon has persuaded Guilmon to play with him. Guilmon doen't like the way he plays, and leaves. Impmon gets mad! Impmon finds a Devidramon in a Digital Field and makes fun of him. Devidramon gets out and terririzes the city. Takato and Guilmon meet up. From there friendship, and Calumon's help Guilmon Digivolves to Growlmon, defeats Devidramon, and absorbes his data.



9. "Not As Seen On TV"

First Aired on 9.29.01

Takato was really excited about Guilmon Digivolving, but he won't De-Digivolve! Takato tries every trick in the book to get him to De-Digivolve. Growlmon ran a million laps, sat in cold water, walked on his hands, ect. Growlmon appears at Takato's house. He manages to hide in in the underground tunnel, untill Impmon started annoying Growlmon. Growlmon went to the park and slept. He awoke to find children plating on him. Managing to excape, he hide in the woods. Takato, Henry, and Teriermon painted him camofloge, but unfortunatley it rained. A rainbow came out and Growlmon De-Digivolved to Guilmon!



10. "The Icemon Cometh"

First Aired on 10.06.01

Rika remembers how the other Digimon Digivolved, and how Renamon Digivolved, but some how was not satisfied. Digivolving is what she wanted Renamon to do, right? A cold feeling came over her, and a hand reached for her. Calumon wants to play with Rika. Rika's mom confronts Rika on the street. The black and white hands reached for her again. Renamon can sence Rika's fear. Impmon appears, and gets mad at Renamon. Impmon is making a plan to get Terriermon to fight. The cold being appears again. Renamon says she'll protect her, and Rika snaps on her. Meanwhile, Takato and Henry are hanging out. Impmon attacks Terriermon and Terriermon ueses his Terrier Tornado to blow him away! Rika chases the cold being. It captures her! Rika finds herself in a cold dimension. IceDevimon tries persuade her to become his partner/Tamer. She says she already has a partner. Rika admits Renamon's her friend. Renamon remebers how Rika treated her and does not come. Henry and Takato run to Rika's aid. Guilmon and Terriermon try to fight but IceDebimon freezes them. Calumon stands by watching. They try to break the ice. Henry uses heat on Terriermon but is unsucessful. Renamon comes! IceDevimon and Renamon fight! Renamon needs to Digivolve! She Digivolves. IceDevimon's still winning. Henry uses expansion. Terriermon breaks the ice. Takato uses speed and hyper wing! Guilmon won! Renamon says she hates all DIGIMON!



11. "Much Ado About Musyamon"

First Aired on 10.06.01

Rika throws her cards and Digivice away. Henry spots a Digital Field. Hypnos spots the Bio Emerge also. Henry won't let Terriermon fight. Hypnos delets "the wild one," though he had time to say, "I will have my revenge!" Yamamki sat speechless. Terriermon tells Henry he's going to have to fight some time. Henry spots and follows Renamon. "Catch me if you can..." she says. Terriermon escapes from Henry's sister, and goes to find Henry. Takato awaits a Digimon to come and battle. He thinks he can defeat any Digimon! Takato shows Kazu Guilmon and he gets scared and runs away. Guilmon smells a Digimon. The "wild one" bio emerges and Takato's ready to fight! Musayamon appears. Takato uses his hypersonic card and Mega Pyrosphere. Guilmon's losing. Henry finds Takato fighting. Henry lets Terriermon fight! Terriermon's winning. Calumon helps by letting Terriermon Digivolve to Gargomon. Gargomon won! Henry's alittle dissapointed that Terriermon Digivolved but is happy no one's hurt.



12. "Divided They Stand"

First Aired on 10.13.01

Rika still hates Renamon, eventhough they need each other. Rika took it too far by saying she hated Renamon, so Renamon seeks advice from Impmon. Like usual, Impmon pulls off his little grumpy act and tells Renamon she has the power inside her and not Rika. Spoting a Digital Portal, Renamon takes on three Flybeemon. Rika arrives, not able to help, after Renamon is almost killed. Renamon defeats them with out Rika's help, and decides she doesn't need Rika. Takato and Henry stumbles across Yamaki. He tells them to stop playing with the Digimon, they're dangerous! Harpymon appears and Renamon is in desperate need of help! Finally Rika comes to her sences and stabs Harpymon, buying Renamon time, destroying Harpymon.



13. "Juggernaut"

First Aired on 10.20.01

Takato is fighting DarkLizardmon and then Yamaki and his crew come and interupt. He sees Takato and tells him that the game is dangerous and he should take away Guilmon. Takato gets mad and Yamaki just leaves. At Yamaki's lab they study Darklizardmon. At Takato's school Jeri draws this picture of Guilmon dressed up! Back at Hypnos Yamaki is talking to his bosses about Digimon and what they are. They get confused, so Yamaki explains more thouroughly. Yamaki creates this program, Juggernaut, which is going to destroy all Digimon in the area and keeps Digimon from entering. At Henry's house his father sees some ghost like figure from his past. Its really freaky and then he yells at him but it turned out that Henry was there. Then Yamaki tests the Juggernaut. When it was activated the place started shaking like a earthquake! The Juggernaut kind of acts like a magnet and picks up the Digimon. A Digimon is coming!



14. "Grow Mon Grow"

First Aired on 10.27.01

Takato's friends are still affraid to talk to him, and are brushing him off away from them. Meanwhile, Yamaki puts Juggernaut into action. Hearing the screams of the deleting Digimon, a new voice appears. The sky ripps apart to reveal the Digital World. All of the Tamers meet up and try to defeat Mihiramon, a Tiger Digimon belong to the group of Devas. Kyubimon fails, Gargomon runs out of Gargo Laser and also fails, then Grolwmon almost fails. Feeling the blows Growlmon takes, Takato passes out. He has a dream Takato gives him another chance. He wakes up, grabs his Digivice, and Growlmon Matrix Digivolves to WarGrowlmon! He uses his Atomic Blaster, and destroys Mihiramon. Standing by watching is the whole city, Kazu, Kenta, and Jeri...

15. "Snakes, Trains, and Digimon"

First Aired on 11.03.01

Takato makes a team flag that Rika thinks is lame. A shadow appears in the subway containing red eyes. Takato calls Rika and Henry earley in the morning asking if they'll come patrol the city with him, but they both decline. Takato introduces Guilmon to his classmates. They play around all morning, untill Impmon interupts. Rika's D-Power goes off, detecting a Digimon. Sandiramon appears. He's a snake-like Digimon. Takato and Guilmon finds them fighting and uses on of Kazu's cards. Sandiramon is destroied.



16. "Back To Nature, Back To Battle"

First Aired on 11.03.01

Takato and Henry are going on a class field trip camping. Calumon, Guilmon, and Terriermon go too. Takato and Henry go investigate a disturbance they detect from their D-Power. It's Sinduramon, a rooster-type Digimon. It eats all the electricity from the city and grows. Gargomon and Growlmon work together and destroy it.



17. "Duel With The Deva"

First Aired on 11.03.01

Henry receives a card, which turns into a blue card. Henry's dad examines it with his scanner. Henry sets off to find the origional owner. Henry's dad discovers Terriermon begining a battle with Impmon. They run. Two new wild ones appear. Pajiramon, a sheep Digimon, and Vajramon, an Ox Digimon. Henry uses the blue card and Gargomon Digivolves to Rapidmon. Rapidmon uses Tri-Beam and destroies Pajiramon and Vajramon. Come to find out Vajramon returns. Renamon follows him.



18. "Digital Beauty"

First Aired on 11.10.01

Rika's mother doesn't seem to see the need for Rika's independence, so she sets her up for some photo shoots. She runs out on it. Later that night, Vajramon and Renamon appears again. Renamon gets ready for battle. Kyubimon Digivolves to Taomon, killing Vajramon.



19. "Impmon's Last Stand"

First Aired on 11.10.01

Impmon gets jelous of Calumon's getting attention and attacks some girls. Henrey's karatie teacher tells him about the legend of the Deva's, creatures from the Chinese Zodac. Inderamon appears, he's the horse Digimon. Impmon thinks he can handel this guy by himself... yeah, right! ;) Impmon uses his strongest attack but Inderamon just brushes it off. Is this the end of Impmon? Oh NO!



20. "Out of the Blue"

First Aired on 11.17.01

Impmon is beaten by Inderamon. Yamaki releases a blue colored light on Inderamon, but has a power problem, and shut off. The Tamers search for Impmon, but don't find him. Inderamon comes back for another fight! Inderamon is winning but the Tamers use some cards to even the score... but nothing works! Takato uses Kenta's handmade "Blue Card." Growlmon Digivolves to WarGrowlmon and defeats Inderamon with his Radiation Blade Attack.



21. "Jeri's Quest"

First Aired on 11.17.01

Kazu, Jeri, and Kenta are looking for Takato. Meanwhile, Henrey's father and some old friends work on cracking the code for the Digimon. Jeri finds and feeds Calumon. Jeri is overcome with happyness when she thinks Calumon is her partner. The rat Deva appears. A rainbow also appears. And who's riding on it? None other than Leomon comming to the resque! Lemon says he works alone and does not have a partner. Kumbhiramon uses Deva Clone and multiplies, so Gargomon helps out and Kumbhiramon is destroied!



22. "The Boar Wars"

First Aired on 11.24.01

Earthquakes are felt in the city... Could it be a Digimon...? A terriable rumble is felt again, as Henry runs out the door to find out what it is. A gaint boar is spotted and the Digimon Digivolve. With the wishes inside them, the kids create blue cards. Matrix Digivolution time! Will the 3 ultimates be enough? Will the city be destroid?!



23. "A Wold Apart"

First Aired on 12.01.01

With all the combined power, nothing works. Takato lets out shreaks to let WarGrowlmon know he's there, fighting with him. WarGrowlmon can feel Takato, and his strong friendship for him. Trying again, Vikaralamon is defeated. The mysterious boy shows himself to be the Monkey Digimon, wanting Calumon because "he doesn't belong here." He snatched Calumon from Jeri, and floated into the Digital World. Leomon leaps to save Calumon, but a bird looking Digimon, possibley the Deva God, shoots needles of light at Leomon. Falling to the ground, Jeri receives her Digivice. It heals Leomon.



24. "The Journey Begins"

First Aired on 12.08.01

Henry's dad examines his D-Power. Henry was too nervous to tell his dad about the going to the Digtal World. Leomon and Jeri talk. Leomon says Jeri is little but has the heart of a lion. Rika's grandma found Renamon. She thinks Renamon's beautiful and she wants her to protect Rika on her journey. The Tamer's are trying to find the Digi Port that the Deva's are comming in and out from so they can go rescue Calumon. In Guilmon's little hut in the park, he digs a deep hole. He found the Digi Port! Impmon's way ahead of them in entering the Digital World. The kids tell there teacher about them leaving. She breaks down crying. Takato ventures home to tell his parents. His mom gets very upset but his father says to let him go. There were just about to set off when Yamaki interupts. His gives the a "COM Device" which will allow them to communicate. And they're off to the Digital World!



25. "Brave New Digital World"

First Aired on 12.05.01

The DigiDestineds are traveling through a Data Stream to reach The Digital World. When someone in the Real World uses some kind of digital device, a stream of data is shot down to the Digital World. This is a Data Stream. They land in the Digital World in a desert-like enviornment. The COM device, givin to Takato by Yamaki, is not working. All digital devices are not able to work. It gets dark. Out of the corner of Rika's eye, she spots a glowing being. Before they know it they're being attacked by a Meramon. Leomon almost destroies him, but it turns out Meramon is friendly. A heard of Jagamon appears and almost tramples the DigiDestineds. Unfortunatly, Meramon is not as lucky as them and dies. The Jagamon saw Makuramon and point them to the direction they saw him. Out of no were, a Data Streams charges for Kazu and Kenta. Rika and Renamon run after them to help.



26. "Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure"

First Aired on 2.09.02

A Data Stream rapidly nears closer and closer to the DigiDestineds! Everyone gets out of the way accept for Kazu, Kenta, Rika, and Renamon. They get sucked up into the Stream. Next thing they know, they're falling in darkness. They find theirselves passed out on the ground. A strong wind starts up. They happen to blow into Jijimon and Babamon's house. They are very nice and lets them stay. In the morning, Rika's ready to find Calumon, but Kenta and Kazu have diffrent things in mind... They're own Digimon! They ask Jijimon and Babamon to be their partners. They think it's a good idea and some how, they get Kazu and Kenta to fight each other like their Digimon. Renamon gets them to stop because they have to go. Jijimon and Babamon try to hurt Renamon for doing so but Renamon has the upper hand. They build a large kite to get them to the top of the rocks.



27. "Motorcycle Madness"

First Aired on 2.09.02

Meanwhile... Takato, Henry, Jeri, and Digimon are left behind. They notice a village close to them. It looks like no one's there. A strange sound is heard. The Tamers look over their shoulders to find a manless motorcycle heading straight for them. They dodge it, but a little Digimon runs out from under the shelter. Luckly Leomon moved him out of the way before the bike hit him. The little Digimon's elders feed the Tamers. Takato thinks the Chucidarumon should stand up to the Motorcycle. Henry thinks they shouldn't interfere. The bike's back! Gargomon and Leomon's attacks didn't effect it. Guilmon jumped on, aan a metal little Digimon named MetalKoromon jumped off. It said if a even more powerful Digimon gets on it, there on there forever, untill someone stronger gets on. Leomon hits Guilmon over the head "waking" Guilmon up. Meanwhile: Impmon found the Dog Deva. It says it's soverign will help Impmon Digivolve if he destroies the Tamers... he agrees. And Beelzemon is born.



28. "Blame It on Ryo"

First Aired on 2.16.02

Rika, Renamon, Kazu, and Kenta are still lost. Rika and Renamon decide to go off looking for the others on their own. They tell Kazu and Kenta to stay there at the flag. Meanwhile, the rest of the group is looking for them. Rika decides they need to go back to the flag. A data stream appears and transports them to a wintry place were there are golden gears everywhere. They find a clock were the second hand is sticking so Rika 'unsticks' it. Clockmon and Hagurumon try to stop her from doing so but it's too late. Megadramon appears. Renamon/Kyubimon isn't strong enough to defeat an ultimate. Cyberdramon appears to almost destroy him. A caring voice is heard... It's RYO! He re-seals Megadramon. Rika doesn't like Ryo because he's too perfect. Come to find out, Ryo is an excellent Battle Card player and won a tournament making Rika come in second place. Ryo came to the Digital World so he can tame Cyberdramon, his very wild Digimon.



29. "Goliath"

First Aired on 2.16.02

Kazu, Kenta, Ryo, and Cyberdramon meet up with Takato, Jeri, Henry, and Digimon in some kind of gray creepy town. Kenta explains how Kazu made Rika jealous and how she went off on her won. Ryo shows the team a castle were they can stay. They get ready for bed. Takato can't sleep so he decides to rummage through his backpack. He finds a note and good luck charm from his mom. Jeri sees Takato crying and goes over and comforts him. Ryo leads the Tamers through a staircase to a new plane of the Digital World. They are near were Calumon is now. Calumon is being watched by 3 Woodmon. Chasing some old data, Calumon make a circled line in the sand that starts to glow. The 3 Woodmon Digivolve to Cherrymon. The monkey and Dragon Deva spot the Digivolution light and see the Tamers. Cyberdramon starts to fight the Dragon Deva. Ryo uses an awesome card called Goliath! Cyberdramon grows bigger to defeat the Dragon Deva. Ryo and Cyberdramon run off looking for battle.


30. "The Imperfect Storm"

First Aired on 02.23.02

Rika's still seperated from the rest of the group, and Takato is worried about her. Beelzemon is looking for someone to fight. Yamaki's crew gets Hypnos back online, but it seems Yamaki isn't apart of it anymore. As soon as it goes online, a huge storm starts in the Digital World. The Tamers hide in a cave. Takato's COM Device starts to work, and he gets an email through to Yamaki. Beelzemon found a sworm of Kurisarimon which he begins to destroy. Calumon's triangle starts to glow and the remaining Kurisarimon come togather to form an Infermon. Beelzemon destryos it. Rika finds Calumon, but theres a huge wave of water comming straight for them. Renamon save them both. They get thrown into the area were they first fell in the Digital World. Takato and Rika meet up, and now everyone's togather! Beelzemon shows for a fight. A test run has began with the Juggernaut, and the strom begins in the Digital World. Beelzemon splits. Catsuramon shows up and attacks the Tamers. Takato and Henry get sucked up by a Data Stream.



31. "Kazu's Upgrade"

First Aired on 02.23.02

Calumon is in an unknown land. Meanwhile, Jeri asks if Calumon will be OK and Rika goes off on her. Rika apologizes and they're on their way to look for the others, when the slip through some sand in the desert. They land in a forest like place. They happen to stumble upon a battle between the ruler of the forest, a multiple headed snake, and Andromon. Andromon gets hurt very bad so the Tamers take him to a house of Gekomon, were they make milk shakes for the ruler. They unwillingly help Andromon by giving them some old data, that acts like medicine. He DeDigivolves into Guardromon. The snake Digimon kidnaps Jeri. It makes Jeri serve them milk shakes. Gaurdromon has an idea to hide in the milk shakes that the Gekomon are delivering to make a surprise attack on the evil Digimon. It works but he's too strong! Jeri uses her LadyDevimon card on Leomon, and he uses Darkness Wave which kills the Snake headed monster. Gekomon sing a song for their freedom. Kazu looks happy and a glowing ball of light appears in front of him and Guardromon... A Digivice! Kazu now has a partner!



32. "Shibumi Speaks"

First Aired on 03.02.02

Takato and Henry along with Terriermon, end up in a cave with a body of water near by. Henry wonders why the COM device digin't get wet. He relizes it doesn't have a real brain to know it's getting we so if he imagines not getting wet, then you won't get wet, so they use that to swim through the water, breathing it. The find a school of Otamamon and a Divermon. The Divermon protects his Otamamon, but soon relizes the Tamers mean no harm. They leave; Takato and Henry find an under water library. Inside they serch for any life... and find a man. He tells them alot about Digimon Gods, the Digi Gnomes, and Data. A huge hoovering Digivice looking craft, called an Ark, sucks them up and carries them to another plain of the Digital World.



33. "Rabbit Transit"

First Aired on 03.02.02

Henry's dad is cornered into taking Suzy to the park. She's playing around, having fun, but then a glow appears as a large amont of numbers and symobles group around her. She spot the Ark and Terriermon fly above her. The Digital World grabs her and pulls her into the Digital World. She appears in The Digital World on the top plain. Metting the guardain, the rabbit Deva, Antylamon! They play around and have fun. Makuramon attacks Antylamon for having fun with a human. They begin to fight and Antylamon protects Suzy. Antylamon wins and Makuramon flees and a pink Digivice appears in front of her. The Soverign drains Antylamon of her power and she DeDigivolves to Lopmon!



34. "Lionheart"

First Aired on 03.09.02

Calumon ends up being thrown into the middle of the 4 DigiGod's homes on the very top plain. The little guy can't get out. Lopmon explains that Calumon is the key to Digivolution and they need him to protect the Digi World. The Soverign created the Deva's to retreave him. The soverign tells Calumon he's not a Digimon. Beelzemon appears and attacks Takato, Henry, and Suzy. Rapidmon fights back, but he's too weak against a Mega. Takato screams out Guilmon's name! Growlmon hears his voice comming from a Data Stream, so they decide to enter it to find Takato. All the Tamers are being beaten. Beelzemon is about to kill Kyubimon when Leomon holds his arm back just in time, telling him the power he has been given does not mean he has to hurt the children. Beelzemon cuts straight through Leomon with his nails, killing him. Everyone's pretty scared except for Takato. HE'S MAD! Jeri's crying really hard as Leomon breaks apart. Takato gets so MAD WarGrowlmon Dark Digivolves and Takato's D-Power drops and breaks! The EVIL MEGA Digimon is out of control!



35. "Give A Little Bit"

First Aired on 03.09.02

Megidramon looks terrifying and has his eyes set on killing Beelzemon or anything that gets in the way! Megidramon captures Beelzemon Beelzemon, about to eat him alive! The Digital World starts to break apart! Megidramon's power is disrupting the Digital World's structure. Makuramon appears and gets amd at Beelzemon for not defeating the children. Beelzemon destroies Makuramon and accuires data from Rapidmon and Taomon to help him try to defeat Megidramon. Megidramon is knocked out! Takato runs to him, talking about how wrong he was and no matter how big Guilmon got, he was still Takato's freind. Beelzemon shoots his attack, Double Impact at the two...! Guilmon is back to normal now and some how whipes the bullets away. Takato wishes really hard that he could fight along with Guilmon to save his freinds, his wish comes true, and Bio Merges with Guilmon to form Gallantmon!



36. "The Battle Within"

First Aired on 03.16.02

A fierce battle begin between that two worthy warriors, Beelzemon and Gallatmon!At first, it seems their power is equal,then it seems Beelzemon has the upper hand with his motorcycle! Gallantmon unleashes his Lightening Joust attack, destroying Beelzemon's bike! The Deva's Sovereign tells Catsuramon to destroy the traitor, Lopmon! Luckily, Gallantmon destroys Catsuramon before he can law a paw on Lopmon or Suzy! Beelzemon steals the data. The battle is back on! Kenta figures out Takato is inside Gallatntmon. Beelzemon is about to kill Gallantmon when Guardromon interferes. Gallantmon uses Shield of Just, almost destroying Beelzemon! Gallantmon is about to impale Beelzemon when Jeri screams no! She says if they destroy each other, it will be all her fault. Beelzemon reveals his history and takes his leave. Takato receives his Golden D-Power and now him and Guilmon are more close than ever!



37. "No Mon Is An Island"

First Aired on 03.16.02

The Tamers are now ready to save Calumon and return to the real world. They must beat the Sovereign, so Henry makes Suzy stay behind. Kazu and Kenta volunteer to stay and watch her. The venture to the Sovereign's lair. Beginning to fight, Henry notices parts of Rapidmon start to become staticy from the last battle with Beelzemon were Terriermon was badly hurt saving Lopmon. Rapidmon is hurt really bad! Suzy's Digivice shows her the battle and she prays for Lopmon's safety. She get levitated to the battle. Terriermon helps Henry realize he has his friends with him to help and Terriermon and Henry Bio Merge to MegaGargomon! MegaGargomon unleashes some of Henry's karate moves on Zhuqiaomon! Finally he uses Gargo Missile! It kill's Zhuqiaomon, but he come back because he's a Sovereign!



38. "Azulongmon Explaines It All!"

First Aired on 03.23.02

The adults in the Real World are busy working on a Ark so the Tamers can return home. Meanwhile... In the Digital World, The Deva's Soverign is not too happy about almost being destroied. He uses another one of his attacks, Sonic Zapper, to blow the Tamers away. Taomon uses some of her spells to save all of them, though, it is making her very weak. Guilmon and Terriermon try to fight him, but just get blow away! Takato's strengh gives him the power to Bio Merge with Guilmon again, to become Gallantmon! The battle begins. Out of no were a huge cloud appears and Azulongmon pops out. Azulongmon tells him the humans are not bad, and not to destroy them. Calumon turns out to not be a Digimon, but a special being, descuised as a Digimon. They needed him to help defeat an evil program called D-Reaper, it was created to control the Digimon, when they were first created. Shibumi said it must have figured out how to "Digivolve" on it's own, higher than a Digimon.


39. "Song of Sakuyamon"

First Aired on 03.30.02

The D-Reaper is near, and the Sovereigns don't know what to do. They decide it's best to retreave Calumon. The "chaos" as they keep calling it (D-Reaper) is increasing. Zuchowmon decides to go down and fight it. He returns with a broken wing and badly hurt. He said he didn't even get near it. Rika decides she needs to go fight the chaos and find Calumon by herself. Ryo follows to make sure Rika doesn't get hurt. Rika finds Calumon! They're ready to go back up, but the D-Reaper is growing too fast. Ryo DigiModifies. The attack slows the growth down by covering it with rocks which doesn't last long. Rika decides her destiny is to stay and fight, so her and Renamon leap off the rock, falling towards the D-Reaper. They Bio Merge to Sakuyamon! Using her attack, she destroies most of the D-Reaper. The Tamers go back to the surface. The D-Reaper shoots up! It's grown even faster, and it's out of control!!

40. "Janyu's Ark"

First Aired on 04.06.02

The Sovereigns instruct Calumon to use the "true power" within him. Calumon lets out his Shining Digivolution. Digimon from all over the Digital World Digivolve and gather near the D-Reaper pit, ready to fight for their world! Kenta spots a cute little Digimon named MarineAngemon! He pushes him off to go to the Sovereigns to help them fight the D-Reaper, though. Takato receives a E-mail saying the team in the real world have made an Ark for them to return home! They're excited to go home, but Jeri's missing... She returns, but with creepy eyes. Rika and Renamon feel Impmon in trouble and decide to look for him. Finding him, Rika ties his bandana on for him, and he decides to go back with them. The Ark finally arives, but Rika, Renamon, and Impmon are no where to be found!!

41. "Homeward Bound"

First Aired on 04.13.02

Everyone boards the Ark, but Rika and Renamon are no where to be found! Ryo decides to go after her. Takato can't reach the Ark, so Guilmon asks the Ark to stop and wait for Takato, and it does. Ryo and Rika return with Impmon. The Ark starts going again, but then stops. Takato asks the Ark to return them home, and it replies, "OK." On the way home, Kenta notices something moving in his pocket. It's a D-Power... and MarineAngemon! Kenta's now a Tamer! They arrive in the Park with all their parents waiting for them. Impmon wonders off alone, sad. Jeri's parents Dad and Step-Mom aren't there. Her Dada called and said, "she left on her own, and can return on her own." So, Takato decides to take the train with her. On the train, he tells Jeri he really likes her and shes the nicest girl he's ever met.. Jeri says nothing. Takato starts crying and Jeri reads a food label. When they arrive, Jeri's dad is waiting for her. He acts mad and rushes her home, acting rude to Takato. Takato's asleep at the bus station, and sees on the TV News, the D-Reaper has followed them home, and is in-gulfing the city!

42. "Reunion"

First Aired on 04.20.02

It is obvious that Rika and her mother both have changed for the better. Ryo's dad is very upset at him for leaving to go to The Digi World. The D-Reaper is now in the Real World. The 'Moster Makers' tell them to leave it up to them. A lot of electronics are messing up all over the city. Rika decides she needs to go help save the city. Her mom gives her a full-heart shirt for luck. Her mom wears one too. Takato decides to go too. D-Reaper is messing up Hypnos and electronics everywhere! Henry explains to his mom that he has to go. He leaves, telling her he loves her. They all end up meeting at the under ground tunnel. They go back to the city, seeing soilders everywhere, trying to fight the D-Reaper.

43. "Beelzemon's Big Day"

First Aired on 04.27.02

The army begins to fire missiles and shots at the D-Reaper. They have no affect. Takato, Rika, and Henry are aimlessly roaming the city watching the army. They run into about 30 ADR-02's and they say that their a little weird. They run away, and the ADR-02's don't seem to follow them. The 3 kids and their digimon decide to sleep at the school that night. When they wake up in the morning, they are hungry so they decide to go to Takato's parent's bakery to bake some bread. Meanwhile, Impmon is asking all around for directions to Hongo; this is where Ai and Mako are. ("Makoto" has been confirmed to be Mako.) He finally gets directions and he takes a train to Hongo. The tamers finish baking their bread and it's the most delicious bread they've ever tasted. Yamaki and his two associates visit the tamers for some information about the D-Reaper. Shibumi has returned and is at Hypnos with the other Monster-Makers. He explains things about D-Reaper. The tamers digivolve their digimon to Ultimate, and try to fight a small ADR-03 which they think is the real enemy. When they attack, the ADR-03 only copies the attack and sends it right back at them. Impmon has finally found Ai and Mako at their grandmother's house and they spend a little time together. Ai and Mako are happy Impmon is back, and they forgive each other. Impmon leaves, to go help the tamers, but before he does, Ai and Mako give him a small gun so he can "Blast the bad guys." He runs to help the tamers, but then digivolves to Beelzemon; then into Beelzemon Blast Mode. He flys up to the tamers and helps them defeat the ADR-03. When the episode is ending, Takato thought he saw Jeri for a second...but wasn't sure.

44. "The Messenger"

First Aired on 05.04.02

The government is still fixed on defeating the D-Reaper, though it is no use. The media is noe covering the D-Reaper story. Takato thinks he see's Jeri's ghost.. but it dissapears. He's really scared because of the way Jeri has been acting. The group finds a note left by their parents, that directs them to Rika's house, where they have a feast ready to be eaten! The D-Power's inform them of activity in the city, near the D-Reaper, so they go to the city, and find some more D-Reaper Agents. They also meet up, and save, a girl named Alice and her friend, Dobermon. Dobermon was sent by the Sovereign to deleiver the Tamers the power to BioMerge!


45. "The D-Reaper's Disguise"

First Aired on 05.11.02

The Tamers turn into data, allowing themselves to BioMerge in the real world. Dobermon gives Alice one last lick before leaving. The battle is on between the D-Reaper's Agents and the Tamers! The Tamers begin to take the upper hand when it grabs Gallantmon and pulls him down, in the D-Reaper. Gallantmon's body begins to get staticy a bit. DeDigivolving, Takato and Guilmon explore the covered city. Jeri appears! Guilmon says it isn't Jeri. 'Jeri' says the D-Reaper's mission is to delete all human and Digital life. The D-Reaper has a hard time deleting organtic life. Guardromon and Kazu appear. Following behind is a new looking Digimon... but who could this be!? Will JUSTICE be served?! ;)



46. "When a Mon is Justimon"

First Aired on 05.11.02

A Digimon appears. It seems to be friendly, and revieles itself as being Justimon, Cyberdramon's Mega form! A green humanoid ADR appers! Justimon and Guardromon decide to stay and fight it while the others look fro Gallantmon in the D-Reaper. The D-Reaper is in the Digital World and the Real World at the same time. They figure out theres a bridge.. the Kernel! Destroying the connection might kill D-Reaper. Meanwhile.. the evil Jeri clone quotes Jeri from the past, scaring him. Takato becomes very frightened. Guilmon tries to snap him out of it. Meanwhile, Calumon feels Jeri's presents! He knows shes somewere. Impmon feels bad for what he did to Leomon and decides to save Jeri. He Digivolves to Beelzemon to defeat an ADR. Farther in town, Antylamon is looking for the Kernel, to save Jeri, but see's nothing. Calumon flies up to the 2 Hypnose towers, looking for Jeri. There's nothing there... but it won't let the pass. Using Double Impact, Beelzemon cracks it reveiling the Kernel. Beelzemon pries it open, allowing Calumon to enter. It captures Beelzemon. In the middle there's a sphere where Jeri is sat, head down. Calumon's love gives him strengh to enter the sphere to get to Jeri. She doesn't move. Kenta and MarineAngemon are ready for battle. Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon enter D-Reaper, looking for Gallantmon. The evil Jeri chases Takato and Guilmon! MarineAngemon appears, shooting Kahuna Waves at her, weakening her, and making her flee. They get out, finding the battle between Guardromon, Justimon, and the green ADR still on. Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon help. Antyalmon helps Justimon by holding the ADR's cord, and Justimon cuts it, killing it. The Tamers return home. Since Suzie is now a Tamer Ryo gives her one of his modify cards.



47. "His Kingdom for a Horse"

First Aired on 05.18.02

Calumon's worried about Jeri. She's not moving or anything. She moves a little, remembering Leomon. Then she flashes back to her mother's death, and how alone she was. Everyone was out to get her. The Tamers are on their way, with Hypnos and the Monster Makers, to a headquarters they set up. Daisy of the Monster Makers has found the Ark, and set it up with extra parts and Chrome Digi Zoid Armor. It's new name is Grani. Shabumi uses Henry's Digivice to bring Grani to the real world. Jeri's dad and step mom are at the head quaters. Her dad looks REALLY mad. Suzy tells her dad about Beelzemon and Calumon in the Kernel, or brain of the D-Reaper. Justimon is destroying ADRs, but is losing. Rika starts to feel sorry for herself, remembering how cheerful Jeri was even though Jeri's mom died. She remembered how mean she was even though bother her parents were alive. Jeri's dad steals their van, going to the D-Reaper. He calls for Jeri. Jeri hears him. He remembers how mean he was and starts to cry. A new ADR appears. It's pink with yellow mouths all over it. The D-Reaper scans her dad. The word 'Father' is said by the D-Reaper. It doesn't understand the word. It doesn't understand human emotion too. They Bio-Merge. They are not able to defeat the ADR. It's too strong. The finally kill it. But another, BIGGER, ADR appears! Guradromon fails in hurting it. Grani moves in the Digital World. It's emerging. It appears in a cloud over the city. Gallantmon starts to glow. He shoots a beam of light at Grani, and it comes to life!! He flies up to the ADR's head, killing it! Jeri's still in the Kernel. She hears Takato yelling her name as Takato swears to get her back.



48. "Shadow of the Beast King"

First Aired on 05.18.02

The D-Reaper's spreading, and fast!! Jeri's still in the Kernel, sad. Beelzemon is tied up by the D-Reaper.. Calumon's trying to wake him up, but they're no use. Grani came back with images from the Digital World. They're devastating! The Digital World is 47% deleted. Communication systems from all over the world are being consumed by the D-Reaper. Beelzemon wakes up. He's being stifled by the D-Reaper. The kernel grows very large to form an ADR around it. It's purpose is to defend the Kernel. The Tamers go to fight it. They Bio-Merge. The Monster Makers install new equipment into Grani. They send Grani into battle. They're defeating the ADR's, but more and more take their places. Beelezmon breaks free, only to be thrown out of the Kernel. Beelzemon tells Gallntmon about Jeri and Calumon inside the ADR, so they use both of their powers to break into it, but it doesn't even scratch it. They tap into the D-Reaper's sight. It can see through layers of programming! Everyone all over the city witness the Tamers inside the Digimon. Takato's teacher runs out of the classroom, yelling, "Takato! You can do it!!" Lopmon breaks the window, and tells Suzy she need to help her friends. Suzy's Digivice glows, and Lopmon Digivolves. Suzy Digi Modifies! Antylamon saves Kazu and Kenta. Two panels off the ADR come off and split apart. The breaks into hundreds of smaller pieces, chasing Gallatmon. The D-Reaper uses Jeri's mind and searches through until it finds information on Beelzemon. It said some pretty bad things about himself. Beelzemon admits his wrong doping and says he'll save Jeri. He uses his strongest attack, but it doesn't hurt it. It destroys his large gun. Beelzemon gets mad. Yamaki taps into a satellite and communicate to Takato. He tells him to use the Yuggoth Blaster on D-Reaper. It works!! The ADR is pretty badly hurt! The small sphere where Jeri is left. Jeri hears Takato tell her that Beelzemon is going to save her. She stands up. Beelzemon can't break the sphere. He get so mad, he uses Fist of the Beast King, which scars Jeri. She doesn't know whether to go to Beelzemon or not, "You're not Leomon," She says. She's scared stiff and the Kernel closes. Beelzemon gets hit by the panels that where chasing Gallantmon. He falls with his data starting to fall apart.



49. "D-Reaper's Feast"

First Aired on 06.01.02

Beelzemon is falling from the Hypnos builings in a nose dive. He begins to dissolve. Beelzemon dives right into the D-Reaper. He's gone. But then.. all of a sudden, Grani swoops down and saves Impmon! They get word the government is sending planes to bomb the D-Reaper. The planes arrive, dropping small cylinders into the D-Reaper. They're not bombs, but little pulsing electro-magnets to dissrupt the D-Reaper. Jeri tries with all her might to break the bubble. Evil Jeri clone appears. Jeri get wrapped in the D-Reaper's vines, sucking energy from her dispare. The D-Reaper heats up and the pulses dissapear. The D-Reaper starts to evolve further. The hypnos buildings turn into a huge being, using the Kernel as the eye. The D-Reaper's blob surrounds the being, making it impossible to get to. The Tamers return home, unhappy. Kai, Takato's cousin, visits Takato. The monster makers figure out the D-Reaper is a quantum bubble. They decide thay need a 'black hole' to suck it up. Mr. Wong scans Terriermon to compare to the D-Reaper. Jeri tries to kill herself, untill Calumon interfiers. Jeri hugs Calumon, but the D-Reaper takes Calumon away, to the other side of the bubble. Shibumi gives Henry the Red Card.



50. "Jeri Fights Back"

First Aired on 06.08.02

Grani joins up with Gallatnmon. They travel to the city to find this huge glowing bubble above the D-Reaper. Gallantmon sees Sakuyamon go in, and so does he. Justimon soon follows. Henry is inside with the Red Card. The all DigiModify it and Digivolve to Mega. The Red Card lets them fight the D-Reaper inside it. Meanwhile, Jeri is fighting to get free of the D-Reaper's grip. The Tamers reach a strange looking place inside the D-Reaper where they find the ADR with the Kernel sphere as the eye. Jeri's inside. The purple ADR appears, but Sakuyamon destroys it, weakening the whole D-Reaper. It loses it's grip on Jeri. Jeri picks up Calumon. Meanwhile, outside of the D-Reaper, MarineAngemon, Guardromon and their Tamers are defeating some ADR's of their own. The Tamer's reflect on how they've changed as they charge into battle. Meanwhile, Ai and Mako are taking care of Impmon. They receive their D-Power! Somehow, the D-Reaper finds more power and grabs Jeri once again. All of a sudden a 'worm hole' appears in the area!! It's the D-Reapers way of connecting itself to the D-Reaper in the Digital World. Yamaki tells them to engage Juggernaut! It will weaken and or kill the D-Reaper, Yamaki explains. A huge D-Reaper fighter appears! It's one of the strongest D-Reaper enemies yet! None of the regular Mega's attacks would work on it. Gallantmon gets hit, tearing his cape. A blue fire begins in the Kernel where Jeri is after the enemy D-Reaper is weakened. Jeri's head appears on the D-Reapr with the Kernel. It spits a black substance out and hits him. Gallantmon falls. Grani offers his wings to Gallantmon. Gallantmon Mode Changes to Crimson Mode!



51. "Such Sweet Sorrow"

First Aired on 06.08.02

Jeri says she's finished being sad and is ready to fight. She pulls out her Digivice, and it cracks the Kernel! Justimon needs Sakuyamon's power to use as his own to try to defeat the newest D-Reaper. Gallantmon CM kills a lot of ADR's. Justimon uses the blade along with Sakuyamon's powers. It cuts the D-Reaper in half. The D-Reaper's liquids begin to flow into the Kernel where Jeri is. The Jeri Clone appears, attacking Gallantmon CM!! The new D-Reaper enemy come back together, but soon falls down the worm hole thanks to the Digimon Sovereigns! Henry's dad tells them he loaded the Juggernaut program into Terriermon. It acts as a 'Big Bang.' The want MegaGargmon to release the program into the wormhole, reversing it, and and the D-Reaper's evolution it will 'De Digivolve'!! MegaGargomon begins to spin inside the hole, releasing the program. The clone has the upper hand against Gallantmon CM. Until he gets one good hit in, killing her. The D-Reaper begins to be sucked into the wormhole. Shibumi tells them the Red Card may not last any longer. The Tamers soon DeDigivolve. Calumon used his Digimon powers to make a platform for Jeri to rest on untill Takato got to them. Jeri is rescued. Henry floats out of the wormhole. Everyone is alright except for Terriermon, who is still in the wormhole. MarineAngemon uses his attack and saves Terriermon. The D-Reaper disappears. In the park, and Digi Port is opened. Impmon in there with his tamers. Jeri forgives Impmon for Leomon's death. Henry's dad explains losing the Digimon where the only way to save the real world. They will return to the Digital Plain where they will be killed along with the D-Reaper. Henry is mad at his dad, but Gummymon, Terriermon's In-Training, tells Henry Momentai. They fly into the Digi Port. Takato explains everything returns to normal. He says he returns to the hide out sometimes. Finally one day, he goes and there's a Digi Port inside! =)



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