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Season 2 Evils


The Digimon Emperor (AKA Ken Ichijouji) was the first adversary of the new Digidestined. He is an evil genius, always one step ahead of the Digidestined and always able to calculate their every move, even going to the point of disabling Digivolution. He is eventually defeated when his hunger for power gets the best of him, and after that, he joins the Digidestined after learning that his actions have hurt real things.


Arukenimon is a powerful spider Digimon that has the power to control insect Digimon with her flute. She is also able to disguise herself as a human. When the Digidestined first fight against her, she is able to use strands of her hair and combine them with Control Spires to create Digimon. She is eventually destroyed by MaloMyotismon in the 2nd to last episode.

Mummymon is arukenimon's partner in crime, he too can disguise himself as a human. He is destroyed by MaloMyotismon in the same episode as arukenimon. 


BlackWargreymon was created by Arukenimon's Spirit Needle attack, which enabled her to turn Control Spires into Digimon. He was created using 100 Control Spires, which made him much more powerful than a regular Digimon. He is loyal to nobody, and serves only to fight whoever is worthy of battling him. During the duration of the middle of 02, he does nothing but destroy the Destiny Stones, but when he reaches the last stone, the sovereign Digimon Azulongmon convinces him to find the true meaning of life. He is eventually destroyed when he sacrifices himself to seal up the gate between the Digital World and the real world.


Oikawa's life dream was to discover and explore the Digital World, and because of this, the spirit of Myotismon (who wasn't really destroyed in season 01) possessed him. He created Arukenimon and Mummymon from his own DNA, and he planted the Dark Spore inside Ken to make him the Digimon Emperor. Eventually, Oikawa is killed in the end, when MaloMyotismon reveals himself and un-possesses him, draining away all of his energy.


Yup, the main villain of 01 returns again! MaloMyotismon is the last villain the 02 Digidestined fight. He is the one who is responsible for all of the chaos in the Digital World, as he possessed Oikawa, who made Ken the Digimon Emperor, and created Arukenimon and Mummymon. However, he is eventually destroyed in the final episode, when his source power, the Dark Spores, are neutralized when the kids that are infected discover true hope.



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