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Season 2 Episode Summaries

           Episode 1 "Enter Flamedramon"
Episode 2 "Digi-Team Complete"
Episode 3  "A New Digitude"
Episode 4 "Iron Vegiemon"                 
Episode 5 "Old Reliable"
Episode 6 "Family Picnic"
Episode 7 "Guardian Angel"
Episode 8 "Ken's Secret"
Episode 9 "The Digimon Emperor's New Home"
Episode 10 "The Captive Digimon"
Episode 11 "Storm of Friendship"
Episode 12 "The Good, the Bad, and the Digi"
Episode 13 "His Master's Voice"    
Episode 14 "Samurai of Sincerity"
Episode 15 "Big Trouble in Little Edo"
Episode 16 "20,000 Leagues Under the Digi-Sea"
Episode 17 "Ghost of a Chance"
Episode 18 "Run Yolei, Run!"
Episode 19 "An Old Enemy Returns"
Episode 20 "The Darkness Before Dawn"
Episode 21 "The Crest of Kindness"
Episode 22 "Davis Cries Wolfmon"
Episode 23  "Genesis of Evil"
Episode 24 "If I Had a Tail Hammer"                 
Episode 25 "Spirit Needle"
Episode 26 "United We Stand"
Episode 27 "Fusion Confusion"
Episode 28 "The Insect Master's Trap"
Episode 29 "Arukenimon's Tangled Web"
Episode 30 "Ultimate Anti-Hero"
Episode 31 "Opposites Attract"
Episode 32 "If I Had a Heart"
Episode 33 "A Chance Encounter"    
Episode 34 "Destiny In Doubt"
Episode 35 "Cody Takes a Stand"
Episode 36 "If I Had a Heart"
Episode 37 "Kyoto Dragon"
Episode 38 "A Very Digi-Christmas"
Episode 39 "Dramon Power"
Episode 40 "Digimon World Tour Part 1"
Episode 41 "Digimon World Tour Part 2"
Episode 42 "Digimon World Tour Part 3"
Episode 43  "Invasion of the Daemon Corps"
Episode 44 "Dark Sun, Dark Spore"                 
Episode 45 "The Dark Gate"
Episode 46 "The Duel of the WarGreymons"
Episode 47 "BlackWarGreymon's Destiny"
Episode 48 "Oikawa's Shame"
Episode 49 "A Thousand Points of Light"

1.) Enter Flamedramon

Four years has passed since the final battle against Apocalymon. In the digital world, a villain known as the "Digimon Emperor" is capturing Digimon and turning them into slaves. Agumon sends a distress call to Tai for help. Tai, when he reaches the digital world, finds a Digi-Egg in the ground. As he tries to yank it out, and three bright lights arise form it. Meanwhile at school, Tk, Kari, Davis, Yolei, and Cody are in the CPU room along with Izzy. Just then the bright lights shoot out of the computer and each Davis ,Cody, and Yolei receive a D-3 Digivice. Yolei and Cody leave for a while and Tk, Kari and Davis decide to go the Digi-World, by opening a Digi-Port. Reaching the Digi-World, Kari and Tk reunite with their Digimon and the Digi-Emperor sets Monochromon on them. Davis takes the Digi-Egg of Courage, that he managed to pull out, and makes his newfound Digimon, Veemon, armor digivolve into Flamedramon. Flamedramon destroys the Dark Ring controlling Monochromon and they all head back home.

2.) Digi-Team Complete

Realizing that Yolei and Cody owned the other 2 digivices they tell them about their adventure.0 Immediately Yolei wants to go there. The next day they get the chance. This time Sora comes along with Tai and the new DigiDestined. Reaching the digital world, they are attacked by Drimogemon and Snimon. The Digimon Emperor captures Davis and Veemon and plans to put a ring on Veemon. Cody and Yolei realize how brutal Digimon can be and become scared. Just thentheir digivices lead them to a temple where they find their Digi-Eggs and Digimon: Yolei gets Hawkmon and the Dgi-Egg of Love. Cody ets Armadillomon and the Digi-Egg of Knowledge. Using their Digi-Eggs they make Hawkmon armor digivolve to Halsemon and Armadillomon armore digivolve to Digmon. Together they save Veemon and Davis.

3.) A New Digitude

The Digimon Emperor was having fun watching Digimon slaves battling each other. Wormmon didnít find it so amusing . When the Digidestined reach the digital world they are attacked by a swarm of Tyrannomon. Tk and Kari track 2 new Digi-Eggs on their digivices. They all try to pick it up but only Tk and Kari could manage to get them. They use them and Patamon armor digivolves to Pegasusmon and Gatomon armor digivolves to Nefertimon. They get rid of all the Tyrannomon. Getting back to the computer room, Izzy shows them a black and white map of the Digi-World. The black areas were controlled by the Emperor and the white area wasnít. They realize that now they have to get back the black areas from the Emperorís control.

4.) Iron Vegiemon

In the Digiworld, Gabumon is helping Gazimon escape from jail. He gets caught by Red Vegiemon and is knocked cold. Yolei receives a message from Gabumon for help. They go but Yolei canít because Izzy is examining her Digivice. In the Digiworld, they disguise themselves as slave Digimon, Gabumon included. They gain access but are once again caught freeing Digmon by Red Vegiemon. Apparently the Digimon canít regular digivolve. They are weakened by Red Veggimon and are almost defeated. They get free and they destroy a mysterious dark tower. Somehow Gabumon digivolves into Garurumon. Garurumon defeats Red Veggiemon. Yolei realizes that the control spires control the Dark Rings so they have to destroy all the Control Spires in the area to disable the Dark Rings.

5.) Old Reliable

Being beaten by the Digi-Emperor, Gomamon sends a alert to Joe. He and the other digidestined go to the Digiworld but to find Gomamon buried in the snow! They decide to destroy the control spire in the area so they build a sled out of trees. The Emperor realizes them and sends Frigimon after them. They pass them easily. Cody catches a cold and Joe stays with him while the others go after the spire. Armidillomon comes along and he armor digivolves to fight an easy-to-beat Shellmon but Ebidramon causes trouble. While Digmon took him on, the others destroy the spire so Gomamon digivolves to Ikkakumon and saves the day. The Digidestined return home with Gomamonís promise to protect the area.

6.) Family Picnic

Mimi, who now lives in America, comes to visit Japan. She finds the new digidestined and they have a nice little "picnic" in the Digiworld. Yolei and Mimi get split up from the group because of a a roll of sushi. They somehow enter a dark world that has a control spire. They are attacked by a swarm of Ottamamon and Geckomon but Palmon saves them. The Roachmon brothers attack them. Hawkmon armor digivolves and he uses advantage of the Digimonís stupidity and sibling rivalry. They make the Roachmon brothers "accidentally" destroy the spire, which makes Palmon digivolve to Togemon and she gets rid of the Roachmon brothers. They get back to Davis and the others who were looking for them and they return to the real world. Apparently Yolei really looks up to Mimi!

7.) Guardian Angel

In a digital city, the power of the Guardromon destroyed the TV to get back to the Digiworld before Kari can escape. Davis and Tk go back to save her. Since there are no spires in the area Patamon regualr digivolves into Angemon but is returned to Patamon entering the city. They find Kari but Andromon attacks! Kari reminds him about their past adventures. This and Kariís digivice gets rid of Andromonís dark ring and he destroys the control spire for them.


8.) Ken's Secret

Davis has a soccer game with last yearís champions. He has to face "Ken-the-Rocket-Ichijougi," a very skilled player. Davis is outclassed but he manages to give Ken a scrape on the knee. In the Digiworld, the Emperor captures the other Digidestined besides Davis but he has to spare one of his friends because a three-headed Digimon, Deltamon has to eat them. This makes it hard for Davis but then he notices the Emperor has a scrape on his knee......the same one at the soccer match! Now the secret is out: Ken is the Digimon Emperor!

9.) The Digi Emperor's New Home

Ken escapes to the Digi-World, leaving his parents behind, knowing that the digidestined would seek him out in the real world. In the Digi-World, A bunch of Meramon keep the digidestined busy while Ken seeks out his new Digimon, Agumon! Knowing itíll be hard for them to fight against their friends, Kenís plan is to now use their own Digimon against them.


10.) The Captive Digimon

Learning that Agumon is enslaved, Tai joins the digidestinedís team to get back Agumon. Tentomon revals that Agumon is being held in Rail Town, where Ken realizes that the Dark Rings arenít strong enough to control Ultimate level Digimon. He creates the Dark Spiral which are 3x stronger than the rings. Wormmon doesnít like to see Agumon suffer so he sets him free so Ken would use him instead. Agumon meets up with Tai but their reunion is cut short when the Emperor recaptures Agumon with a Dark Spiral and he makes Agumon dark digivolve in to Metal Greymo. He defeats the digidestined and leaves. Tai blames himself for letting Agumon down when Matt and Yolei come to help him realze it really wasnít his fault.

11.) Storm of Friendship

Still searching for Agumon, Cody locates a Digi-Egg on his D-3 and they find it and it has the Crest of Friendship engraved on it. They all try to pick it up but no one gets it. Then Metal Greymon attacks with Ken! But first Flymon captures Patamon and he attempts to put a Dark Spiral on him but fails. They defeat Flymon and then officially attacks. Veemon is almost hit by Metal Greymon many times but the other Digimon saved him. Tk gets ticked at Davis because Patamon risked his life for Veemon while all he did was stand there. This gets Davis thinking and Davis shows true friendship. Thats whe nthe Digi-Egg of Friendship comes to him. Davis uses it and Veemon does a second armor digivolve into Raidramon! He and Garurumon together get rid of the Dark Spiral on Metal Greymon! Now Agumon is back in safe hands.

12.) The Good, The Bad, and the Digi

Receiving a distress call from Biyomon, Sora and the others go there. They enter a town just like the old west. They go into the Saloon where Starmon shows them his dark ring. He then throws them in prison. Thankfully, Deputymon sees them in prison and frees only the girls for a game of cards because "boys cheat." When Starmon realizes the girls are freed, he and Deputymon have a duel. This allows Davis and Cody to escape form the prison. Starmon beats Deputymon but Flamedramon defeats Starmon. Afterwards they play nice game of........Go Fish!

13.) His Master's Voice

Kari is starting to have freaky nightmares now. Tk notices her disappearing in class once and she looked like static! She disappears into a world where there were these Scubamon with dark spirals who pleaded for help. Kari calls out to Tk and Gatomon. Tk, Patamon, and Gatomon see her in the sky and go through a gate to fight Airdramon. Pegasusmon destroys the Dark Tower, allowing Gatomon to digivolve to Angewomon. She defeats Airdramon but for some reason the Scubamon turn all shadowy and they try to take Kari to be their Queen so they can defeat their undersea master. They leave warning them that their undersea master will come after them.

14.) Samurai of Sincerity

The Digidestined go in search of a Digi-Egg when they stop at a diner where they eat but Digitammamon, the owner, gets all ticked off since they donít have any digidollars. But then Mimi and another digidestined from America, Michael come and save the day. Then Gorillamon attack but Betamon, Michaelís Digimon digivolves to Seadramon and defeats Gorillamon. But Digitammamon comes back but now heís meaner. He pushes Mimi and Yolei gets mad and thats when this triggers the Digi-Egg of Sincerity and Mimi uses it to armor digivolve Hawkmon into Shurimon, who destroys the dark ring deep inside of Digitammamon.

15.) Big Trouble in Little Edo

Entering an Ancient Japanese-like town, the Digidestined run into Ninjamon where Shurimon fights in a battle of honor to find out who is the best Ninja. They also run into the Geckomon whoís leader, Shogun Geckomon, is controlled by a Dark Spiral set by Ninjamon. They run out of the hiding place and trick Shogun Geckomon into destroying the Control Spire, therefore disarming the Dark Spiral.



16.) 20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea

Searching for a new Digi-Egg Mega Seadramon traps the kids under an oil platform under the sea. Forced to secure the area to stop the area from flooding, they have a small air supply. The kids choose Cody to go for help in an emergency pod, knowing he needed to face his fear of water. Cody goes get Joe in the real world but has to lie to get him out of class. Meanwhile in the oil platform, the other kids find the Dig0Egg of Reliability and tells Cody to take it when comes to the rescue. Cody hesitates because he doesnít think he is reliable. But Joe explains to him why he is. He takes it and Armadilliomon armor digivolves to Subarimon and with Ikkakumon, they defeat Mega Seadramon.

17.) Ghost of a Chance

With the anniversary of Myotismons defeat approaches, people at the TV Station start quitting because they see a ghost everywhere. When the whole team, old and new digidestined go to the TV Station, the find out that the ghost is actually Wizardmon, the Digimon that sacrificed himself for Kari and Gatomon! He tells Gatomon that "Kindness will release the Golden Radiance" and "Kindness alone will not be able to defeat the darkness." He disappears, leaving the Digidestined to their very confused thoughts.

18.) Run Yolei, Run!

Deciding not to return from the Digi-World until Kenís Base is destroyed they go in search of it. Cody and Izzy find it but when they go back to attack it they just find a huge crater. Yolei wants to save the day, but with her stubbornness, she almost gets Hakwmon killed! Yolei gets the crazy idea that the base can fly, but the truth is..... it can! Meanwhile the Emperor is creating his secret weapon....a Digimon known as.......Kimeramon!


The DDís plan was to not return from the Digi-World until the Base was destroyed but the danger was their parents would notice they were gone, causing panic. So they decide to go camping with everybody but really the older kids, Tai, Matt, and Izzy would really go camping, while the new DD went to the Digi-World

19.) An Old Enemy Returns

TK, Cody, Kari, and Yolei go out in search of the Emperorís Base. Cody finds an entrance underwater to his base. Tk and Pegasusmon find a whirlpool known as the Dark Whirlpool. Ken notices it too and goes in, ignoring Womrmonís warning about there being evil in it. he finds Devimon. In the base Cody release captive Digimon. Tk gets mad because of Devimon, who was in the whirlpool and decides to take it out on Ken by beating him up. It was an interesting duel, especially Patamon and Wormonís.. staring contest?! Meanwhile Ken sets Kimeramon on the others. Nefertimon and Halsemon are defeated, so they return to a tiny island with Davis on it. Poor Davis...he missed all the action.

20.) The Darkness Before Dawn

Setting Kenís Base on fire, and distracting Ken, the Digidestined enter the base, in search of the Control Room. Kimeramon showed up with some Bakamon. Ken realizes his evil ways and goes alone to the control center to think about it. Wormmon leads Davis and Veemon to the control center. The power source reacts to Davis and it turns out to be the Digi-Egg of Kindness! Davis uses it, allowing Veemon to Golden Armor Digivolve to....Magnamon!


21.) The Crest of Kindness

Kimeramon returns along with Ken. Wormmon warns Ken that Kimeramon will turn on him. He ignores him. Magnamon fights Kimeramon but he still isnít defeated. The Digidestined and Ken evacuate the base before it exploded. Outside Magnamon still has no luck with Kimeramon. en still doesnít realize Digimon are living creatures. Wormmon sacrifices himself by giving Magnamon what little power he has. With the new energy, Magnamon destroys Kimeramon with a Magna Explosion. Ken realizes finally, what he has done. He starts sobbing because he lost Wormmon just like he lost his brother Sam. He leaves sobbing. Davis suddenly remembers he found the Crest of Kindness in the ground. Everyone returns to the real world.

22.) Davis Cries Wolfmon

Knowing they need to clean up after Ken in the Digiworld they help Digimon rebuid the Digi-World. They help out but suddenly Davis wants Veemon to normal digivolve like Tk, thinkingKari would like him more than. He comes up with these crazy schemes to make him digivolve but when Tortomon chases them, Veemon finally digivolves into ExVeemon! He deafeats Tortomon and they go back to work.



23.) Genesis of Evil

In bed, Ken feels like he has lost his heart. He recalls when his brother died. And when he toook the Digivice that came out of the computer. Then the email that led him to the Digiworld. While in the Digi-World, his digivice becomes tainted with Darkness. He then realizes what a monster he had become, killing and making slaves of innocent creatures. He goes in search of Wormmon and finds Leafmon, Wormmonís baby form in Primary Village.



24.) If I Had a Tail Hammer

Ken finds a mysterious woman in his room, but she refused to tell him who she is. Meanwhile the Digidestined continue their cleanup. Davis realizes, Veemon canĎt digivolve. Kari and Tk sneak off to see if their Digimon can digivolve but they canĎt. They wonder if the Control Spires are active again. Cody and Digmon are underground when Thundermon attacks them. Armadillomon digivolve to Ankylomon and emerges from beneath the ground. Then a mysterious Digimon destroys Thundermon and lands next to ken. He disappears. Mysteriously, the control spire they discovered had vanished.

25.) Spirit Needle

That creepy, mysterious women has been putting some strange spell on control spires, turning them into Digimon! She turns one into Golemon and tells him to attack the Dam. He heads for it but the Digidestined come to the rescue. Unfortunately, its not enough and they are forced to summon Ken. Hawkmon Digivolves to Aquilamon and with Stingmon, Wormmonís digivolved form, they destroy the control spire known as Golemon.


26.) United We Stand

Izzy notices some massive happening in another area of the Digi-World. They head over to where Kenís base fell only to find it overloading. Davis gets the idea to call Ken so he can stabilize the base with his Crest of Kindness. Ken comes and the Digidestined are fighting the control spire, Okuwamon. Davis talks to Ken about friendship and this trigers something which causes Stingmon and ExVeemon to DNA Digivolve into Paildramon!!



27.) Fusion Confusion

Rushing into the base while Paildramon battles Okuwamon, they reach the center of the base and Ken puts his Crest in. But the reactor isnít stabilized! They follow the pipes into the reactor where they find a stream of darkness. The base is about to explode when Paildramon rushes in and disposes of the base, and the base with it. Then Izzy explains to them how DNA Digivolving works and it took place before and why the older kids canít digivolve to Ultimate any more.


28.) The Insect Masterís Trap

Arukenimon sets a plan for the Digidestined. She tells them to go to Giga House, a huge house that make them look like ants. They are attacked by a swarm of Insectoid Digimon. There are many more.Cody discovers a room where Arukenimon is playing a flute. Then all of the sudden Stingmon and Digmon turn on them because of the fluteís tune.Digmon cracks the floor and they land in a Dokugumonís web!



29.) Arukenimonís Tangled Web

Calling for help but not getting it, Cody with the help of Davis and Ken do a perfect soccer kick with a bag and turn on the air conditioner blowing the spider away. Locking themselves in a drawer they decide to create a counter-song. With Yoleiís computer expertise they create one and disrupt Arukenimonís song. In her anger she shows her true, rather ugly form. Taking advantage of the time they try to defeat her... but she escapes with the help of Mummymon.


30.) Ultimate Anti-Hero

With Mummymon assisting her, they use 100 control spires they decide to create the ultimate Digimon. Cody and Ken canít seem to get along so he leaves, knowing he isnít wanted by everyone. Arukenimon finds an area to create her Digimon and creates Black Wargreymon! He easily defeats the Digidestined before he abandons his loyalty to Arukenimon.


31.) Opposites Attract

While searching for Gatomonís Lost Tail Ring, which may help her become stronger, Kari and Yolei separate from the group. They run into Ken. Together they enter some dark dimension. But Yolei canít see the Dark Ocean which is only visible to Kari and Ken. They both get uncomfortable. From Kenís actions they realize he had once been here too. Arukenimon uses this time to set Blossomon on them. Yolei makes Kari snap out of it and together they make Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA Digivolve into Silphymon, destroying Blossomon!

32.) If I Had a Heart

Tentomon informs the team that Arukenimon and Mummymon were searching for the rumored Destiny Stones which according to prophecy if destroyed a great catastrophe would fall upon the Digi-World. They find one and set Knightmon on it. The kids come in to fight him. Knightmon destroys part of it causing Black Wargreymon great pain while he was talking with Agumon. He rushes off and destroys Knightmon and then he destroy the Destiny Stone. Evacuating the area immediately the kids leave. Little do they know whatís in store for them...

33.) A Chance Encounter

Yolei goes to Kyoto, for a class field trip. There she runs into Soraís dad and Joeís brother, Jim, who are studying Digimon. According to them, Kyoto is the closest to the Digi-World they can get and that Kyoto is deeply connected with other worlds. But then Yolei notices Black Wargreymon in the rel world with some minions! She defeats Musyamon and Apemon before they suddenly return to the Digi-World!


34.) Destiny In Doubt

Black WarGreymon continues his destruction of Destiny Stones. Determined to find the stones before he does the kids go out. Cody notices Tkís mood changes and goes with him on the search of the stones. BlackWarGreymon finds it an Angemon digivolves into Magna Angemon when in contact with the D. Stone. He used his Gate of Destiny to try to suck up Black WarGreymon but as he was about to be sucked in, he destroyed the destiny stone, reverting MagnaAngemon into Patamon, getting rid of the Gate. But then a mysterious Digimon. appears in the sky.......its Azulongmon the guardian of the East!

35.) Cody Takes a Stand

Black Wargreymon destroys another Destiny Stone, discouraging the team. Cody seeks out Matt to learn about Tkíís mood changes and he understands his emotions because of his fight with Devimon. Black Wargreymon goes for the next Destiny Stone, hidden underwater. He splits the water revealing the Destiny Stone, but Cody stands in front of him, pleading for him to stop. He is saved before heís killed and then Black Wargreymon finishes off the Destiny Stone. Only one more Destiny Stone remains!

36.) If I Had a Heart

Eating soup in a restaurant, the kids run into Arukenimon and Mummymon. The Digimon leave. In the forest Mummymon finds a pond of the same soup he eaten in the restaurant and ignored the warning not to eat it. The Destiny Stone, hidden under the soup, emerged into the air. After its protective ring fell of Wargreymon and the kids arrive at the scene. A battle rages between the good and the bad. With their newfound energy from the food, Ankylomon and Angemon manage to DNA Digivolve into.....Shakkoumon!

37.) Kyoto Dragon

Protecting the destiny stone, they battle the goons. But BlackWarGreymon breaks through the protection destroying the last stone! Then the dragon seen in the sky previously arises. He is known as Azulongmon, the guardian of the eastern hemisphere of the Digi-World. He tells BlackWarGreymon that he has a destiny and that is not to destroy those below him. He then leaves. Azulongmon then turns to the kids and explains to them that the control spires sealed his power and how armor digivolving came about. He also mentioned Light and Hope are the strongest elements in this battle against darkness. He then leaves, leaving the digidestined to try to interpret what he said.

Back in the real world, Davis thinks heís hallucinating when he says he saw a control spire there!

38.) A Very Digi-Christmas

Its around Christmas and everyoneís shopping and having fun. Tkís mother runs into a man who warns her that her kids are back in the Digimon business, upsetting her. Ken invites everybody to his house for a party...including Cody! For a present for the older kids, the new kids bring their Digimon from the Digi-World into the real one, and they had to mail Palmon to America! During Mattís concert, Dark Tyrannomon attacks but Izzy and Joe send them back where they came from through a Digi-Port! Back at Izzyís, Izzy notices that Digi-Ports are opening from all over the world!

39.) Dramon Power

Control Spires are appearing everywhere, including Tamachi, where Ken lives! Davis goes there to help him but they run into Triceramon. They are having trouble fighting him because he has help from Mummymon. Gennai appears (looking a lot younger) and gives them the Digi-Core, which will allow them to digivolve to Ultimate. They use it and the power also goes to Paildramon, allowing him to Mega Digivolve to Imperialdramon. He defeats Triceramon and with Davis and Ken, go around Japan destroying control spires. When they come back, Gennai tells them that they have to go around the world to destroy the control spires and the Digimon using Imperialdramon. Get ready for the Digimon World Tour!

40.) Digimon World Tour Pt. 1

Imperialdramon drops Davis off in New York to meet up with Michael and Mimi. They all meet up with one of Gennaiís clones -- Benjamin. With the help from the American Digidestined they round up all the Digimon and send them back to the Digi-World. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Kari and Izzy meet up with the Hoi (is that right) Brothers. They all seem to have a crush on Kari. They also meet Jacky, another one of Gennaiís Clones. Together they try to cross the Indian Border which is guarded by the Army and using a plan Kari thought up they safely cross the border and return the Digimon back to the Digi-World.

41.) Digimon World Tour Pt. 2

Australia is now summertime, the exact opposite of Japan. Cody and Joe meet Hogan, yet another one of Gennaiís clones. They find a control spire on an island and go there. There they meet Derek, the Australian Digidestined and his Digimon, Crabmon. Crabmon digivolves in Coelamon and with Submarimon and Zudomonís help, they defeat Gesomon and other fish Digimon. In Paris,. Tai and Tk are waiting for Tkís grandpa. He arrives and on their trip back to his house, he notices something wrong at The Palace of Versailles. They enter to find the French Digidestined, Catherine, and her Digimon, Floramon, being held hostage by the Mamemon "Brothers." With the help of Kiwimon, Metal Greymon, and Magna Angemon, they send the brothers flying back into their world.

42.) Digimon World Tour Pt. 3

Ken and Matt were at the entrance of the Mayan Ruins in Mexico. There they meet Jose, another one of Gennaiís clones. He distracts the guards to allow the kids to enter the Ruins. Inside they meet Rosa and her Digimon, Gotsumon.She seemed to really like Ken. But Wormmon was a bit too protective of him. But when Minotarumon and Dokugumon attack, they work together to defeat them. That seemed to make Rosa and Wormmon start respecting each other. In Russia, Yolei and Sora were having trouble communicating to the Russian Digidestined so they created their own language. With it they defeated some Diigmon. Then Illya (Gennai Clone), told them that they needed to go to Siberia The girls were rather weak of hunger so they had trouble fighting but Imperialdramon came to send the Digimon back!.

43.) Invasion of the Daemon Corps

Returning home, the kids receive news of numerous disappearances of kids. Ken feels as though he knows something about it and starts to remember bits of his past. Daemon then appears in the real world and brings some Darrk Digimon with him: Marine Devimon, Lady Devimon, and Skull Satamon and they start to inflict major damage! Even Imperialdramon couldnít defeat him... ...mainly because his data was frozen. The other children gave their power to Imperialdramon to unfreeze him and then he Mode Changes into Fighter Mode and defeats Skull Satamon!

44.) Dark Sun, Dark Spore

Arukenimon convinces the kids to trade Ken in as hostage. After being taken away, the others followed her truck to retrieve Ken. Yolei and Kari were battling Lady Devimon and defeated her with no mercy as Cody and Tk did to Marine Devimon. They were all shocked at the fact that they killed a Digimon. Meanwhile Ken learns more about his past, Owikawa, the Dark Spores, and he found out that he kidnapped he kids, saying they wanted to come.. He then makes copies of Kenís spore and transfers it to the kids. The Darrk Spore made kids real smart and made them real good at sports. Owikawaís truck was still being pursued by Davis but suddenly Daemon appears in front of the truck!

45.) The Dark Gate

Oikawa no longer needed Ken because he made copies of the spore so he attempted to give him to Daemon. Davis rushes in and grabs Ken but Arukenimon and Co. got away with the kids. Daemon was fighting hard ubt they were able to hold him off until the others came. But when they did, the combined forces of their powers not enough to defeat him. Ken thought that they can seal him in the Dark Ocean so he canít keep coming back. So he tried to remember his dark past but it wasnít enough so his friends helped him and soon the Dark Gate was open and Daemon was sent through it.

46.) The Duel of the WarGreymons

Oikawa returned the kids in hopes of one sprouting. When they came back they became super intelligent and their parents were thrilled. The kids knew the truth though. They started visiting the childrenís homes to convince their parents into believing the truth but they wouldnít hear of it! Agumon tells the digidestined tha BlackWargreymon has entered the Real World. BlackWargreymon approached Oikawa and he found out the truth about himself. Oikawa was his creator! He felt like he was a foreign object.....a Digiimon created by a human! He attempted to kill Oikawa but Agumon warp digivolved to WarGreymon and stopped them. They started to fight and then Imperialdramon FM came in and they all used their attacks KOíing all of them. Agumon, Veemon, and Wormmon asked him about his destiny and asked him to be their friend. He leaves trying to sort out what happened.

47.) BlackWarGreymon's Destiny

Ken and Davis were trying to talk to the kids with spores but they had been so infested with evil they treated them coldly. They also went to follow a girl named Noriko. Her spore was ready to be harvested. Oikawa came along with all the others, including, Black Wargreymon and Codyís Grandpa. Oikawa then took the energy from Norikoís spore and she collapsed. Oikawa and Codyís Grandpa talked about the past since he and Codyís father were friends. Oikawa attempted to kill him but Black Wargreymon took the blast. Knowing he could live no longer, he sealed the Digi-Gate in Highton View Terrace with his energy.

48.) Oikawa's Shame

The Digidestined and Matt, Joe, and Izzy keep an eye on Oikawa and the kids. The kids and Oikawa then start singing a very weird song as the Digital Gate opens. The new kids rush into the gate as it closes. But are they in the Digi-World? They seem to be in a world where their desire comes true. Then Oikawa shows his true form as MaloMyotismon! 4 Years ago he was possessed by Myotismon and this was his true form. He gets rid of Arukenimon and Mummymon. Horrified the kids stay where they are until Davis and ExVeemon enter into the battle!



49.) A Thousand Points of Light

Veemon somehow digivolved into all 3 of his forms at once, ExVeemon, Flamedramon, and Raidramon. All of the other digidestined realize that they too can can digivolve their digimon into all their forms at once in this strange world. MaloMyotismon somehow tears through the barriers of this world, and enters the real world again. When the digimon follow him, their other forms disappear. MaloMyotismon starts entrenching the whole world in darkness from their perch on the moon. They try to stop him, but can't. Then, little lights all over the world start to appear, each one a digidestined and their digimon. The light of their digivices bring them and their digimon to the moon. Now the digidestined are a thousand strong, and can defeat Malomyotismon with all of their light. Oikawa's digimon comes to him at last, right before he dies. Now it's the future, and everybody has a digimon partner. All of the digidestined are grown up, and have kids of their own.



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