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Nov 15, 2012   By: RapidmonTamer
Subject: New Affiliate
There's a new Digimon site in town, and it's dedicated to fun Digimon images.

Check out Digi-Egg on tumblr today!

Oct 08, 2009   By: RapidmonTamer
Subject: TDZ fanart spam
There's been a lot of spam comments in the fanart pages, so I've built some primitive spam detection into the comment box. Those spam bots won't know what hit them =P
comments (-1)

Aug 31, 2009   By: RapidmonTamer
Subject: Watch 02 online
Now you can watch your favorite episodes of Digimon Adventure 02 on Funimation's website! ^_^ Oh, and they're subtitled for great justice ;D
comments (-1)

Jul 12, 2009   By: RapidmonTamer
Subject: Music Videos
On the Digimon Music Videos page you'll find two new AMVs by DEF's MetalSkullGreymon. If you like his work, you can see more of it on youtube where he is known as BladeCrossEXE.
comments (-1)

Jun 28, 2009   By: RapidmonTamer
Subject: Card Store
Today, I'm proud to announce the grand re-opening of the Digi-Battle Card Store!! In addition to all of the cards we used to sell (oh so many years ago), we now sell grab-bags for those of you who are missing large chunks of cards in your collection!
comments (-1)

Jun 24, 2009   By: Deji
Subject: Music Page Updates
Hey Guys! We fixed up a couple of things in the music page, and more updates to it are still to come! We have 40+ more songs on the way! Stay tuned!
comments (-1)

Jun 17, 2009   By: RapidmonTamer
Subject: More Music
So you thought our music page was good before?... Well now we have OVER 60 SONGS. THAT'S OVER 4 HOURS OF JAM-PACKED DIGIMON JAMS! A huge thank you to Deji and her friend Kalene for supplying the new tunes. I also fixed a couple of lingering bugs on the fanart page.
comments (-1)

Jun 13, 2009   By: RapidmonTamer
Subject: Fan Art
I have fixed the fan-art page. Sadly, it looks like some of the newer artwork was lost during the Christmas fiasco, but hopefully we can make up for it with some brand-new submissions! ^_^ If you have Digimon fan-art, please send it to: RapidmonTamer[at]gmail[dot]com
I look forward to seeing your submissions!
comments (-1)

Jun 12, 2009   By: RapidmonTamer
Subject: OMG! UPDATES!
I have added several new songs to the Digimon Music page. Thanks to Deji for supplying some of the songs. *clears throat* Today, I would also like to announce that I am returning to being TDZ's full-time webmaster. I apologize for my long absence. Priority will be given to fixing existing parts of the site (like the fan-art page... How did it get so busted anyway?) followed by more fun updates like today's. And who knows... I may even update the layout! So sit down, strap in, and hang on because it's full steam ahead for TDZ!
comments (-1)

Jun 09, 2009   By: Deji
Subject: Savers Box Set
Part one of the Digimon Savers first season box set is now on sale in America! You can find it at walmart.

Dec 28, 2008   By: RapidmonTamer
Subject: TDZ Digimon RPG
My pal LessermonTamer has made a wicked-awesome digimon game for the PC! It took him two years to make it, and you will spend many many MANY hours enjoying it! Go check it out ^^

Dec 24, 2008   By: RapidmonTamer
Subject: Back Online
...And we're back. Sorry for the scare folks. Our server's security was compromised, but it's all been taken care of now. Rumor has it that I may have found a new webmaster to run this site... More on this later! Oh, and I got rid of cutenews... it's not very secure it turns out... (not sure if that's how the hackers got in, but I'm not taking any chances!).

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