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Digimon The Movie

Digimon The Movie is made up of the first 3 Japanese movies. They came out in Japan long before Digimon The Movie ever hit the big screen in U.S.


The first Japanese Movie:

This movie is set 4 years before season 1, so the kids are a bit younger here. This is when everybody lived at heighten-view terrace. It starts with Kari watching the computer screen late at night because, "It's doing something weird." A digi-egg comes out of the computer. The next morning, it hatches into Koromon's lower level. It then digivolves into Koromon. That night, Kari wakes Tai up because Koromon is shivering, sweating, & has big white hollow eyes. That's because he's getting ready to digivolve to agumon. This isn't the Agumon that Tai later becomes partners with. When this one digivolved, he was about 8 feet tall. Kari gets on Agumon's back. Agumon breaks through the window in their room almost effortlessly. Agumon leaps from their 10th floor apt. window, and lands on their mom's car. Tai rushes out of the room and outside. Tai looks for Kari and Agumon. Then a giant digi-egg appears in the sky. Parrotmon hatches from it. Agumon hurls pepper breaths the size of Kari at Parrotmon. They all miss, and hit a building. Tai sees Parrotmon land on a highway bridge, & then a pepper breath headed for Parrotmon, he looks over his shoulder at where they came from, & sees Kari with Agumon. He yells to Kari & runs over to them. All of the digi-destined (except they aren't digi-destined yet) are watching the battle from their apartments. As Tai reaches Kari and Agumon, Agumon sends a couple more pepper breaths at Parrotmon. They hit Parrotmon directly, but when the smoke clears Parrotmon is unharmed.

Parrotmon: Now it's my turn! Sonic destroyer!

 The attack hits Agumon & smashes into bridge above him also. When the smoke clears, Greymon is squatting over Kari & Tai, protecting them from the crumbling bridge. Agumon has digivolved to Greymon! Greymon aims a great big nova blast at Parrotmon. It hits him. They are now locked in hand to hand combat. Parrotmon gets  the upper edge, throws Greymon over on his side, and then uses a sonic destroyer on him. Greymon is no longer conscious. Parrotmon starts walking over to finish him off. Kari & Tai yell desperately at Greymon to get up. He can't hear them. Kari pulls out the whistle around her neck. She tries feebly to whistle loud. Tai has a Flash of genius, and takes the whistle from Kari. He takes a long breath & blows hard into the whistle. Greymon's eyes flash wide open. Greymon then decides to use all of his energy in one, final nova blast. It engulfs Parrotmon. Parrotmon is deleted on the spot. But because Greymon used up all of his energy, he too is deleted. In the morning, the the surrounding apartments are almost completely in ruble. Authorities decide that it was the work of a terrorist bombing.

The Second Japanese Movie:

This movie is set 4 years later than the first. It's Summer there. It starts with Izzy finding a computer virus on the internet. He tries to see what it's attacking. Izzy isn't the only one, the whole world is tracking the virus. An image appears. It's a digi-egg. The virus has infected the egg. It causes the egg to develop abnormally fast. The digi-egg hatches. A digi-baby peeks out and sends an email. It says, "Hello." Now we see Tai writing an email at his house:________________________________________

Dear Sora,

    I'm sorry about what happened. I haven't felt this bad since the time I accidentally threw up in your hat, and didn't tell you about it before you put it on. I know our relationship has been a little stormy lately. You say you love thundershowers, so what's a few raindrops between friends?

Love,                                                                                             Tai___________________________________________


Tai: Love?!? I mean from!

Kari comes in & tells Tai she is going to a birthday party. Kari sees he is writing and email.

Kari: If you want to send an email, you have to click this *click*

Tai: Hey! I wasn't going to send that letter!

Kari: Then what did you write it for?

Tai: Aww, go to your party

Kari Leaves. The computer says it can't deliver Tai's letter, & he gets upset. Izzy comes to the door & tells him about the digi-egg. They network Izzy's laptop with Tai's dad's computer. Tai's mom made beef jerky shakes for them both, but Tai doesn't drink his. When they get online, they see that the digimon has digivolved again. He's now at the rookie level.

rookie digimon: My name's Keramon

Keramon starts eating computer data. Tai & Izzy receive a transmission from the digital world. It's Geni & he's with all of the digi-destined's digimon. Geni starts uploading Agumon & Tentomon onto the net. Tai goes to call the other digi-destined so that they can help too. Joe is taking a Summer school test (voluntarily) and is not home. Matt & TK are away, visiting their Grandmother in the country. Tai writes down the phone number he can reach them at. Izzy has a glass of potato juice. Tai calls the Grandmother's house. TK & Matt's Grandmother is appearantly hard of hearing. The conversation goes as follows:

Tai: Hello there, this is Tai.

Grandmother: You're selling ties?

Tai: No, my name is Tai. I'm looking for Matt or TK.

Grandmother: That's a coincidence, those are my Grandkids' names.

Tai: Are they there?

Grandmother: mmm-hmmm

Tai: Right now?

Grandmother: mmm-hmmm

Tai: Can I talk to them?

Grandmother: Oh, I love to talk to them too. They're here visiting.

Tai: Please! I need to speak to them right away!

Grandma: mmm-hmmm, ok I'll tell them. *hangs up* Kids!

Tai: ...


Mimi is not home either, so Tai leaves a message. He calls Kari's cell phone, but she doesn't want to come home. He has Izzy call Sora for him. Sora's mom picks up.

Sora's mom: Sora's not home right now. *Sora walks in her front door* OH hold on, she just walked in, I'll put her right on.

Sora's mom, to Sora: Sora, I think Tai wants to speak to you.

Sora: I'm not home.

Sora's mom: but I already told him you're here.

Sora: Then make something up, I don't care what you tell him!

Sora's mom, to Izzy: I'm sorry, but you have the wrong number, goodbye. *click*

Izzy, to Tai: Sora said she's not home.

Tai: hmf


Sora checks her email, but there's no new mail. Tai & Izzy run back to the computers. They think Agumon & Tentomon should be online by now. Agumon & Tentomon spot Keramon eating computer data. Tentomon attacks with a super shocker. It fries Keramon, but Keramon isn't hurt. Agumon fires 3 pepper breaths at Keramon. They hit him, but don't hurt him. Keramon sends Tai & Izzy and email that  says:________________________________________

So you like to play games, huh?____________________

Agumon & Tentomon digivolve. people all over the world are watching the battle on their computers. Keramon fires 2 buck blasters at Greymon & Kabuterimon. They miss. Electro shocker! Kabuterimon's attack misses Keramon. Greymon hits Keramon with a Nova blast. Keramon digivolves to Infermon. Greymon & Kabuterimon repeatedly nail him with their attacks, but it's not hurting him. Infermon fires 4 spider shooters at Greymon & Kabuterimon. His attack hits both of them.

Izzy: I think I've got it figured out now. He's by-passed the champion level and digivolved strait into the ultimate. He's too strong for our digimon now!

Tai: Then they'll just have to digivolve again!

Infermon: not so fast.

Greymon digivolve to.../Kabuterimon digivolve to...

Infermon attacks them again before they can finish digivolving. Infermon uses an exit command and exits.

Tai & Izzy get an email from Willis:__________________

Izzy, I'm sorry, this is all my fault. Find a way to slow him down.


Infermon is attacking the phone company. He's now calling all of the phone numbers in the world. Izzy loses his connection. Izzy leaves. All of the phones are out. The phone company sets up an emergency voice mail system. It works like this: dial one seven one, to leave a message press one. To pick up a message press two. Tai leaves messages for Kari, Matt & TK, Sora, and Mimi. His mom hears him leaving a message for Mimi, which reminds her about a postcard that came in the mail. She gives it to Tai. It's a postcard from Mimi, she's in Hawaii. Izzy comes back. He was out getting a satellite uplink, he can use it to get online. Tai checks his messages. Matt & TK responded to the message he left them. They fill in Matt & TK, & tell them to get to a computer. Matt & TK have to go into town to find a computer, their grandmother doesn't have one. Tai & Izzy are back online now, thanks to the satellite uplink. Izzy is drinking more beef jerky shake. They receive a transmission from Matt & TK. They've found a computer in a barber shop. Geni uploads Gabumon & Patamon onto the net. Gabumon, Patamon, Tentomon & Agumon are online now.

Infermon: I'm looking for the programmer, don't interfere.

Matt: He's teasing us!

Tai: Oh yeah? Then let's get him!

Matt: It's time to digivolve!

Gabumon, Agumon, Warp Digivolve to!...

WarGreymon! MetalGarurumon. *They attack Infermon*

TK: Patamon, you'd better digivolve!

Patamon digivolve to...

Infermon digivolve to... Diaboromon

Patamon is still digivolving when...Cable crusher! Patamon is hurt. Cable crusher! Tentomon is hit. WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon are wearing down Diaboromon. When...

Izzy: It'*bleh!*

Tai: What are you talking about? We're winning!

Izzy: This could be it.

Tai: Yeah, great, huh?

Izzy: Not that

Tai: What's going on?

Izzy: I think there's something wrong with me. *gag*

Tai: What is it?

Izzy: I think it's your mother's recipes. *gag*

Izzy runs into the bathroom. When Tai looks at the computer, he sees that WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon are starting to slow down. Tai grabs the computer screen. The jolt causes the computer to mess up, & an error screen is displayed. *gasp* Izzy comes back into the room feeling better.

Izzy: Tai! what did you do?!?

Izzy reboots the computer. After a second, they are back online. WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon are lying motionless on the net.

WarGreymon: Tai, I can't move!

Diaboromon: Go back to the beginning.

They get another email from  Diaboromon:____________

Who can count backwards from ten?


A timer appears on the computer screen. Diaboromon is making copies of himself, each new Diaboromon splitting
into two more. Izzy gets another email from Willis:_______

Izzy, the United States just launched two nuclear missiles. The U.S. government has no explanation, but I know the truth - Diaboromon is in the pentagon's computers!


Izzy: One of the missiles is headed for Colorado! They're going to land, in less than ten minutes!

Tai: Well that explains the timer.

There are now over 75,000 copies of Diaboromon and counting. Izzy decides that if they can beat the original Diaboromon, the rest will disappear. 

WarGreymon: Tai, Have faith, I'll find the original 

Tai: WarGreymon...

MetalGarurumon: I'll help you

Matt: MetalGarurumon...

Izzy: They're so slow... It's because of all the emails! They're slowing down our digimon's processing speed. I've got to write to everyone & tell them to stop emailing us until the digimon are back to full strength.

Tai: Are you crazy Izzy?! Do you know how long that'll take?! There's no time!

There are now over one million copies of Diaboromon now. WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon get back online.  They are bombarded by web-wreckers from every direction. They are unconscious now. Tai is in complete shock. He's reaching towards the computer screen.

Tai: There a way

Tai goes through the computer screen & to WarGreymon. Matt does the same thing. They try to wake their digimon up, but can't. Tai makes a speech about the emails

Tai: Kids from all over the world are writing to you, you're their only hope. Feel their hope, feel their strength! 

WarGreymon: I feel them!

WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon then DNA digivolve to Omnimon. All of the Diaboromons fire at once. Transcendent Sword! Omnimon deflects all of their attacks with a stroke of his sword. The deflected Web-Wreckers slam into the mass of Diaboromons. Supreme Canon! Omnimon wipes out all of them, but one. The 10 minutes is seconds away from being up. Ever time Omnimon turns around to attack the original, he jumps someplace else. Izzy figures out that if he can forward all of the emails to Diaboromon, it would slow him down just like it slowed down WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon.

Izzy: You've got mail !!!

Diaboromon slows way down. Omnimon deletes Diaboromon.

Diaboromon: Willis...

Because they have just defeated Diaboromon, the nuclear missiles are deactivated


The third Japanese Movie:



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